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Think a Bigger Picture on Customer Experience

“A picture is worth a thousand words”  ~Fred R.Barnard A picture is worth a thousand words accurately stated by Fred […]

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Leverage IoT to increase your Warehouse Business Efficiency

The Business Opportunity Warehouse & Logistics are prospecting as biggest growth sectors in India, today. This is one reason warehouses […]

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In App Support – The Secret Sauce in your CX Recipe

Quick service restaurant is an emerging hope to every individual’s busy routine snacking or dining. Who does not want to […]

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How Higher App Ratings Benefits Business Growth

2013 was the turning point of “Readdle” when a Ukrainian mobile application company identified the need to change their marketing […]

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How Actionable Analytics Has Transformed The Retail World Through Machine Learning

Time has witnessed how demands of people to have a luxurious and comfortable life are continuously increasing. With a smart […]

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Why Start-ups Must Outsource their CX Initiatives

As LinkedIn named India’s 25 most attractive start-ups in 2018, I was excited to see which of them have made […]

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How Does In-App Support Benefit Your Business in Long Run?

EuropCar – a French car rental company couldn’t make much impact in the market in the early stages of development. Why? Because, […]

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Will Email Support Services Work for Your Business Growth?

With all the talk about AI and chatbots, it won’t be surprising to see minimal human intervention in customer-company relationships. […]

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Top 5 CX Trends of 2018

“Customer is king.” This statement made sense a decade ago and it makes sense even today, isn’t it? In a […]

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How Customer Service Outsourcing Can Supercharge Your Revenue Growth

  After tasting huge commercial success in the early 70’s, the top bosses at Ford were hungry for more. To […]

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knowledge base software

Grow Your Telecom Business with AI-backed Knowledge Base Software

There is much written about the famed Roman army which was directly responsible for the rolling juggernaut that was the […]

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