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Discover how IoT Unlocks Great Customer Experience

To stand out from competition, microfinance institutions always look for ways to make their customer experience better. A great customer […]

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Bots Can Sell Now!

Chatbots have been a trending point of discussion in business for the last couple of years. Many businesses have put […]

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Knowledge Management + Technology : Perfect Recipe for Successful Chatbots

Service interactions handled through chatbots is a top priority for many telecom operators because of their benefits like better customer […]

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Fix Customer Service Errors with Knowledge Management Platform

Today, customers expect service providers to deliver high-speed data services combined with a quality brand experience. However, most subscribers complain […]

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Why is Decision Tree Software Important for Customer Service?

A common challenge for businesses today is to deliver quick and precise resolutions to their customers. Simultaneously, they have to […]

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How Telecoms Drive Multichannel CX Using Knowledge Management System

What do subscribers look for when they turn to their telecom operators for help? A one-word answer to it is […]

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Knowledge Management System

Searchability – Key to Successful Knowledge Management System

Knowledge is an invaluable resource for customers & agents when resolving end-user issues. Ease of finding required information is vital […]

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Self-care Solutions

Self-care Solutions – Meeting Consumers’ Liquid Expectations

Meeting today’s consumer expectations have more competition than what’s anticipated. Customers compare their service experience with all the companies they […]

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3 Ways Telecoms can Heighten CX Reputation

Three Ways Telecoms can Heighten CX Reputation

For a telecom operator, differentiated customer experience is the nub of its sustainable growth. Research data from Database Marketing Institute […]

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How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction Using Technology?

Evolution of digital technologies has created a bunch of challenges for telecoms, including demanding consumers and competitive environment. Inability to […]

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Customer Retention - 3 Point Solution

Customer Retention: 3 Point Solution

Upsurge in connected consumers is intensifying competition for the telecom industry. Thereby, acquiring new customers is difficult and retaining existing […]

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