How Telecoms Drive Multichannel CX Using Knowledge Management System

Posted On: May 12, 2017

What do subscribers look for when they turn to their telecom operators for help? A one-word answer to it is ‘solutions’. Availability of information through various sources makes it difficult for customers to find out relevant knowledge. Deploying an efficient knowledge management system is the key to empower them with knowledge, they constantly look for.

Customers get delighted when they get quick and relevant answers. A delightful customer experience influences purchase decisions and account for an improved brand value. Thus, to maintain consistency across support channels like call center, chatbots, or self-service, it is essential to power them with a unified knowledge base which becomes their source for delivering relevant answers. Let’s comprehend how knowledge management system contributes to the success of various support channels for telecoms.

Call Center
According to Gartner, by improving the availability of contextual knowledge to an employee, operators can reduce the time it takes to resolve a problem by 20% to 80%. When customers call up to inquire about products and services, support agents have to spend time finding answers for them. With longer AHTs (Average Handling Time) and irrelevant solutions, operators might just end up losing their customers. An integrated knowledge base software empowers agents with the required knowledge right on their fingertips. Also, regularly updated knowledge accelerates the timely delivery of right solutions.

A knowledge base and chatbot is a win-win combination. The right knowledge management platform helps a chatbot find contextual responses to several possible queries & deliver a satisfying customer experience. When your chatbot displays the required answer instead of saying “Sorry, I do not understand your question”, it definitely makes customers happier.

According to Forrester, there has been a significant increase in the use of self-service channels. Today’s customers are internet savvy and are comfortable performing searches & finding answers online. Assisting their search with relevant results on your website, FAQ page, or a self-care app demands their integration with a rich knowledge base.

Hence, by making relevant knowledge available for your customers, you can quench them with faster and accurate resolutions. KocharTech provides knowledge as a service (KaaS) having a rich database of smartphones, routers, connected devices, and more. We can create custom knowledge for your varied customer service needs, enriched with interactive visual guides, categorization, and findability for efficient information retrieval. Contact us for a knowledge management system backed with a robust knowledge repository to upgrade your customer service metrics across multiple channels.

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