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Free Pathshala

Free Pathshala is a Gurugram-based NGO that educates the children of construction workers. Abhay Foundation takes care of the children at two locations in Gurgaon, makes frequent visits to counsel the children, and funds the compensation of a teacher who works full time for the NGO.

Seva Tirth

Seva Tirth is an orphanage and skill development center based out of Vadodara. The organisation works for the vocational training of people with special needs. Abhay Foundation is ardently supporting the initiative. We not only support vocational rehab of the disabled but also spread awareness to evict the social stigma glued to them.


Pingalwara is a charitable society in Amritsar for the homeless, sick, specially abled, and the orphaned. Abhay Foundation closely works with the society to help educating the children. In its visits to Pingalwara, the members of Abhay Foundation donate clothes, food, and other utilities to the children while spending a quality time with them.

Making Technology a New Paradigm of Help

Abhay Foundation will leverage technology to bring a ray of hope in the lives of people with special needs. We are taking it further with Project Drishti & Project Awaaz. Project Drishti is moving towards empowering the blind to ‘see’ with Artificial Intelligence based object detection. At the same time, Project Awaaz will empower the deaf to ‘listen’ with sign-language interpreter. Both projects are steadily marching towards the edge of accomplishment.

Project Drishti

Live Voice Assistance
Automated Text to Speech
AI Base object detection

Project Awaaz

Automated Speech to Text
Sign Language Interpreter

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If you feel fulfilled by helping the needy and think that you can help us along the way, you are invited to be a part of this noble journey with us. Let’s walk together to build a world of freedom.

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