Buyers guide to AI ready knowledge base for contact center teams

Posted On: July 14, 2021


Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a rise in the use of AI. Remarkable innovations in machine learning, automation, etc. are being discovered lately. Businesses have smart devices and AI-powered assistants to ace several services. An AI knowledge base has become the go-to for most companies these days, to maintain their external relationships and client services. 


What is an AI-ready KB?

An AI knowledge-based system is backed by artificial intelligence (AI) which uses human knowledge to support important decision-making. Today customers expect quick solutions, personalization, self-service, and more. An AI knowledge base provides all of this in one comprehensive place that’s easy to access. And AI-powered knowledge bases are most beneficial at the contact operations centers.


What challenges AI-backed KB solves at the contact center

In contact center jobs, service agents often have to quickly answer customers and provide them with solutions. They have to search through piles of relevant documentation to find the right solution to the problem. This is both time-consuming and prone to human error. The customers grow impatient and frustrated if they’re left waiting for hours.

They hate talking to confused, unsure, or incompetent staff. An AI knowledge base solves all this by sorting the documentation and using SEO tags, keywords, etc, and other shortcuts that quicken the process. Knowledge base for customer service assists agents through a constructive method to handle customer inquiries.

AI knowledge bases can help unify information too. Every business has different departments that manage and operate different things. All these teams handle their respective data and it can be really difficult to exchange and share knowledge between teams. But with an AI knowledge base, the information can be unified comprehensively so that it is accessible to everybody concerned and easily retrieved.

This would eliminate the agent’s effort and they will never have to delay anything. Immediate access to the information will reduce everyday complexities and frequent confusion related to customer queries. Moreover, with features like chatbots, the contact center can also send out personalized, human-like conversations to the customers. 

Features of AI Knowledge base

In order to maintain a good AI knowledge base for your organization, you need to choose the right one. And the perfect knowledge base in AI is efficient due to its in-built features. They are as follows

Structured content

With the help of artificial intelligence in knowledge bases, businesses can structure the content they put out, as well as create different forms of it. Articles, blogs, FAQs, Step-by-step guides, etc. You can easily create article-specific FAQs that guide the reader to navigate better and clear doubts without contacting anyone. 

Open integrated framework

Open integration frameworks provide a model for interaction and communication and are freely accessible to anyone. These open integration frameworks are based on and implement a set of patterns drawn from the data and information stored in the AI knowledge base. And KM makes this experience seamless.  (need more info)

Dynamic search

Dynamic search ads or DSAs are search ads that show up based on the content of a particular website. An AI Knowledge base segregates and organizes the content which makes it easier for it to be drawn by Google. Through knowledge management, you can smartly control the content put out on the web. This not only increases traffic to your page but also makes your job easier. 

Why should enterprises shift towards an AI Knowledge base?

 After studying the features of a good AI knowledge base we have understood all that it’s capable of. Therefore, business enterprises would benefit a lot from it. From positive internal changes to external ones, the AI-backed knowledge base will leave a huge impact. Here’s how it will benefit an organization: 


Self-service channels are important today to customers and enterprises can get the audiences to clear their doubts or receive information in a personalized manner. By analyzing the customer needs, requests, and more, AI-powered knowledge bases deliver accurate data and information, making the process and experience extremely convenient.


With AI-backed Decision trees for call centers, internal teams can save their time and use it for better things. This increases productivity at the workplace. Agent assistants can transcribe calls, identify important words and phrases that are stored in the knowledge base, and help agents answer customers better. 


Since it’s backed by artificial intelligence, AI knowledge bases have intelligent notifiers that signal what to update and how, while maintaining or improving the quality. While regular KBs might face content gaps, AI-powered ones are able to identify missing gaps, helping support teams to focus on creating new content.


An AI knowledge base helps scale customer support and customer service with minimal to zero support staff. It reduces costs, improves customer experience (CX), and boosts ROIs. The system empowers your customers, increases your productivity, and helps your internal team understand your ideas better as well.

In many ways, an effective knowledge base can solve a lot of company-related problems quite smartly and smoothly, leaving you with profits and a great experience.

So, don’t wait. Buy your AI knowledge base right now.

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