Think a Bigger Picture on Customer Experience

Posted On: November 14, 2018

“A picture is worth a thousand words” 

~Fred R.Barnard

A picture is worth a thousand words accurately stated by Fred R.Barnard but who could have thought pictures or paintings will also make a remarkable impact on routine lives, businesses, and education. Do you know why?

Our ancestors were way more genius in communicating when there were no words or no channel of communication was available. They inscribed ideas and language on walls and stones, on bronze and gold in such a way even future generations would able to understand that how they were trying to communicate. Signs and symbols were engraved to give a pictorial representation of their knowledge. Pictures are still clicked or drawn by artists to framework their thoughts and imagination. Moreover, these days pictorial representations are used by businesses to show consumers about products or services.

Visual information appeals to human decisions:

Picture guides manipulates human decisions

Humans psychologically understand visual information faster rather than hunting for textual pieces of knowledge. The complex relationship between human behavior and visual presentation also creates an impact over humans’ decision journey. But how better that works in business industries?

Customer experience is a key factor in business considerations. However, finding a clear-cut guide to an improvised customer experience is just not an easy task. There are multifarious challenges faced by mobile network operators or MVNO agents at outsourcing centers which make them unable to solve customers’ issues merely over a call. Consumers feel excited about products & services when they explore them graphically, which helps to raise their perspective from average to awesome customer experience.

Consumers demand instant services:

Consumers demand instant services

Today’s Digital Customers have tons of options available in market thanks to ruthless competition and aggressive discounts. If consumers do not like your product or service they will switch to the next one. They don’t have enough time to wait for their queries to get resolved after long hours. That is why self-service solutions are coming up to fix mobile device set-up issues and other problems of agents as well as customers. Customers are aware of similar products and demand same level of service they experience when buying goods through Amazon or other leading websites. According to 2018 Forrester’s study on customer service trends,  companies will explore services like chat-bots, voice user interfaces as well as visual engagement technologies to enhance self-service experience.

Customer Service software is here to help you:

Demand for on-device applications and cloud-based software is increasing widely. On basis of Gartner’s research, The worldwide public cloud service market is predicted to augment in 2019 to overall $206.2 billion, from $175.8 billion in 2018. However, Software as a service remains the largest segment of cloud market with revenue expected to grow 17.8% to reach $85.1 billion in 2019. Customer service software upholds the potential of customer support agents to maintain consumer decision journey. With technology grasping fast-track solutions, companies’ need to comprehend customer service solutions has also increased.

Image courtesy: India Times

Hello! Picture guides:

Consumers often juggle with information that support agents convey and no doubt many companies prefer voice support to resolve issues of their customers. Pictorial guides or device simulators make a difference in that monotonous consumer experience. Picture guide is a helpful tool to make a direct positive impact on issue resolution delivery. When support execs have integrated mobile simulators in hand or enabled in their system, they find it easy to help customers navigate through solutions. Companies providing picture guides tool in customer service software can turn support agents into CX experts and help mapping consumer decision journey effectively.
Many industries are adapting AI based strategies like chat-bots and pictorial representation to glorify their products. For instance: When customers visit a shopping website or other, pictures of product help customer to know about color, stuff, shape and everything that can make them able to make a difference in their buying decision. How picture guides can transform your customer experience journey wholly? Go on …

  • Assistance for agents: Spare your agents from device manuals and scripted answers to consumers’ queries. Picture guides assist them in becoming a CX expert because of step-by-step pictorial guide with omni-channel support. Mobile simulators enable agents to have detailed and managed content with graphical instructions displayed on their screens while they are contacting consumers.
  • Support to customers: Your customers need easy-to-follow guides which make them feel at ease when they stumble upon device issues and overall configuration. Interactive device simulators which are enabled across website and mobile app is an emerging need of users. Customers not only find it simple and easy but will not get bored while self-solving their issues.
  • OPEX reduction: Operational cost is a major thing every industry is concerned with. But how can companies be successful in embracing digitally transformed services without spending too much? Picture guides form a unique way to solve OPEX reduction issues through which customers can get easily resolved solutions while maintaining extra operational costs.
  • Flexible communication: Picture guides enable open-ended communication between customers and support team which even resolve questions by customers in an easy manner. There is no need to engage in complex FAQ’s when the tool like picture presentation is available.

Summing it up:

Telecommunication operators are mastering the demands of technological revolution in telecom industry while enabling transparency with customers, and bringing enhanced support services to the market. A digitally transformed customer engagement tool like picture guide with seamless integration across multiple devices offer quick access to resolution delivery. Customers feel more connected with technologically revolutionized world as well as mobile simulator type services creates balance for support agents and customers proportionally. Picture guides or on device simulators creates smooth customer experience altogether.

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