In App Support – The Secret Sauce in your CX Recipe

Posted On: November 9, 2018

Quick service restaurant is an emerging hope to every individual’s busy routine snacking or dining. Who does not want to devour fast serviced food after long hours of work and even when they come up with home delivery benefits.

According to a report stated by IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation)- the business of quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in India is expected to grow eight-fold to US$ 5.6 billion by 2020 from US$ 720 million in 2011, at a CAGR of 27 percent. This rising eating out and home delivery culture is opening up revenue enhancing opportunities for present QSR chains across the globe.

Order online!

QSR’s are being a fine paradigm of convenience meeting technology. Well, there is no great transformation in food delivery services,  but many QSRs’ have linked up with the concept of food delivery apps to reach more and more customers. You are visiting any food joint or not, you have a food delivery app on your phone. Just click through some steps, food is going to be delivered at your doorstep.

Consumers are priority:

In 2016, Online food tech industry saw a 150% in order volumes despite a drop in funding as per report. Even after this, customers and food joints delightfully espoused food delivery app services. Quick service restaurant business is no wonder a highly competitive one. The most preponderant thing to concern about is taking care of customers’ integrity.

How long customers could wait to have their meal if there are a plethora of “Me too” products and expeditious services in the food market. Restaurants’ role is not limited to cooking and serving. It is predominantly about convenient and quick delivery experience to your customers. Restaurants often find difficulties while handling with quality, quantity and user experience. The answer is to have exceptional resolutions.

Keep finding or cope with pressure:

Now the question arises to deal magnificently with customers’ orders. No matter they are dining in, taking away or ordering online, an important step is to reach their expectations regarding your services. Are you also the one food joint that is having a tie-up with the online delivery app or are you a delivery app itself? You might face challenges with customer acquisition, order management and so on. App support is then just a right thing to leverage your business growth and tackle with order delivery pressure.

Consumers often deal with crisis oscillating around improper feedback, delayed first response time. Quick service restaurants headhunt for services which can be fruitful to their consumer experience. Therefore, they need services which perform in better and quick way. Customers take no time to switch between apps if they don’t find services satisfactory. As there are plenty of food delivery apps available in the market and each of them may not have exemplary services. So you have to keep a check on what your customers need in your app.

Ping them socially:

Yes, you read that right. Connecting with users socially can be a key to the perfect user experience. No! You don’t have to flood their feed with offers, ads or push notifications. It is simply about walking trendily with people. There are so many online delivery players in food tech world that are keeping eyes on their users over social media. Social interaction is a key factor in app support.

As a report stated by Business Standard tells that, India’s online food ordering sector saw an augmenting rate in a number of daily orders, growing continuously at 15 percent on a quarterly basis from January to September in the former year. Means, having user base on a social platform can be of good use for you.

Proactive notifications:

Customers anticipate for quick and latest information related to services they have tried. Notifications play a critical role in user experience. They are like alerting them about your latest offerings, services and definitely about being your consistent users. How can notifications assist in online delivery and immediate responses?

  • Scheduled order delivery: As the leading fast food outlet Domino’s says- “30 minutes guaranteed.” It matters at your delivery time as well. Alerting consumers that their order will be delivered at a particular time means they will have an idea about the arrival of food. Also, it creates a remarkable impact over user experience.
  • Navigate the delivery: There are many leading apps in the market regardless of a particular industry which uses navigating notifications to tell their customers where their order has reached. Companies using app support also become a better use to notify consumers.
  • Order completion: “Hi, your order has arrived!Most important thing customers want to hear. Keep in mind that notifying consumers prior to deliver their order alerts them to spare some time from busy schedules.

Consistent feedback:

If you don’t talk to your customers, how will you know how to talk to your customers” ~Will Evans ( Author- Designing Resilience)

Businesses claim to give feedback no matter what the industry type is. But do they really care about what customers are actually asking for? Feedback is considered as desserts in a full course meal. Evaluating consumers’ opinions and remarks about services give you an idea about where business is lacking. Listening to users is a beginning stage but acting upon it is mandatory. Leading food outlets and upcoming food joints should use resources to give user experience a long way to go.

For instance, if a customer wishes to order at midnight and there are not numerous restaurants in a particular area which could serve in that time zone. It gets difficult for online delivery to go from one part of town to other in limited time. Therefore, it’s better to notify consumers prior so they could choose to go with other options. Ratings and reviews play a critical role in business. Giving feedback to their reviews will make them understand that their questions or remarks are not going to deaf ears.

All in all, the user experience is totally incomplete without feedback. So, if you are not listening to your customers and acting upon their issues. It’s high time.

Closing Remarks: There are innumerable solutions to user experience if you choose appropriate ones for businesses. App support and user experience go hand in hand if the services are well defined. Read our latest case study to get details on how our app support system created an impact in user experience for a leading food delivery app.

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