How Customer Service Outsourcing Can Supercharge Your Revenue Growth

Posted On: September 15, 2018


After tasting huge commercial success in the early 70’s, the top bosses at Ford were hungry for more. To be regarded as the best in the business, they had to prove their mettle in automobile racing’s toughest test, the 24 hours of Le Mans. Ford didn’t possess any racing pedigree, but still went on to win the prestigious event. How did they do it?

Ford outsourced the development of their race car to expert Carroll Shelby, a master of designing purpose-built race cars. Why? Because they realized early on that they were completely out of their depth in this department.

There is a crucial business lesson to be learnt here. If you don’t possess the necessary skills required to undertake a critical business activity, then the possibility of failure will be twice as high.

One such critical function is Customer Service & Support, and there are too many horror stories of brands failing miserably at it. Why? Because most businesses are focussed on building the product and creating growth. Customer Service doesn’t come naturally to them, often because of a lack of experience in this area.

Read on to know 5 points that stress on the need for Outsourcing Customer Support of your business for supercharging revenue growth in the long run.

1. Access To New Tech – Whatsapp for Business
Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world with over 1.3 billion monthly active users. India alone accounts for over 200 million active users. According to WhatsApp’s blog, over 80 percent of small

businesses in India use Whatsapp to communicate with their customers and grow their revenue. Whatsapp for Business is now live, and you need to start using the tool to skyrocket your customer service metrics.

Citing a personal example, I recently booked a ticket on Makemytrip, and i was pleasantly surprised when i received my E-Ticket on Whatsapp from Makemytrip’s business account on Whatsapp. It was instantly clear to me that I was communicating with a verified business account (blue tick), and the level of convenience that was accorded to me was unprecedented. All I had to do was access Whatsapp chats and use my E-Ticket completely hassle free.
2. Access State of the Art Services
Customer Service Outsourcing has flourished because of the development of new age digital centers. These agencies leverage mediums like Email, SMS, Social Media, Voice, Online Chat, VoIP and Video Calling features to connect with customers. Service agents can communicate with your users via in-app chat services in real time and solve issues on your app itself.

Connect with your customers on all platforms

Secondly, customer service agents can takeover your social media channels to constantly monitor social chatter and reach out to users in record time. This allows massive flexibility to the customers and endears them to your brand because you make it so much simpler for them to connect with your brand.
3. Your NPS Score Matters For Long Term Growth
More than 67 percent of Fortune 1000 companies rely on Net Promoter Score to represent their customer relationship ranking. It is closely associated with revenue, and managing a good relationship with your customer base will help you drive up this metric. Having a specialist Customer Service agency can help you double down on growth by improving your customer relationship and driving up brand loyalty.
They can also offer a seamless, personalized experience to your clients by tapping into user data. No matter who the service agent is, they will be able to access updated records of the client’s history to ensure high contextual relevance. This will be crucial in creating an unparalleled experience for your clients, who will certainly be the primary beneficiary of this facility.

Outsourcing your customer service center can improve your NPS

4. Cost-Center Reduction
Unless you have access to the US treasury vaults, maintaining an in-house Customer Service center that can support your burgeoning customer base effectively will be a drain on the company’s resources. Hiring and training a team of customer service professionals will also pose a management challenge. It is prudent to carry out a costing analysis to understand the benefits of customer service outsourcing vs doing it in-house.

Reduce management challenges by outsourcing your customer service center.

Outsource non-core functions to enhance your core team’s focus

5. Improving Efficiency of Customer Support Function
Outsourcing your customer service activities to a specialist organization will provide a laser sharp focus to this department. A team of specialists will be able to tackle your customers diverse queries a lot better and drive up your brand’s approval ratings. Most customer service agencies offer round the clock services throughout the year. No matter what timezone your customers operate in, there will be a dedicated support professional on-hand to take care of any problems that your customers might come across.
Secondly, you can free up essential company resources who get tied in with solving minimal client queries, and have them focus on core issues instead. Customer Service Outsourcing will help you minimize the dependency of the key members of your business for problem solving and dispute resolution. Specialists will be able to solve basic issues on their own, and only complex queries would get filtered and passed on to the company employees.

Summing It Up
There are some great solutions out there like GizmoSupport that offer a full-stack Customer Service solution for businesses big and small. They have built a global presence in this domain with over 6 service delivery hubs that offer solutions in 15+ languages. Having over 12+ years of experience in this field and handling over 150,000 transactions daily, they can provide a custom-built customer service solution for your business. Some of the top brands operating in the E-Commerce, BFSI, Travel and Telecom industry rely on GizmoSupport to look after their customer support needs.

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