Self Care Diagnostics

Automatically manage and resolve consumer issues and experience, without user intervention


Self Diagnostics and healing tools for operators to manage every user’s experience effectively.

Enable real-time self healing support for your customers, by capturing KPIs, through the entire consumer lifecycle.

Effortless, Smart care for customers, resolving issues automatically

Instant Support

Instantly report and heal device issues, without disturbing the user

Quick Resolutions

Self Care app executes a solution as soon as an issue is detected with the device

Skip Lengthy Calls

Automatically correct device performance features with the help of an self care app, avoiding engagement of users and support staff in long calls.

Self Diagnostics

Automatically schedule scans to diagnose device performance issues through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Self Healing

Execute feasible solutions to heal device issues detected, without user/operator intervention

Real Time Management

Real time identification and removal of problem or issue responsible, before the user faces any trouble

Automatic Backup & Restore

Securely backup the storage and recover files on customers device, automatically

  • Self Care Diagnostic app, integrated with a rich knowledge base of devices, related errors and solutions, empowers the solution to instantly heal device issues.

  • Self identification and healing of device issues allows for a continuous support, as long as the self care diagnostic app is working on the user's device.

  • Self healing approach reduces the number of issues customers face, minimizing their need to reach support agents, and hence, lesser support calls need lesser investments.

Solution Demo

Book a demo and walk-through the way Self Care Diagnostics will solve your problems in real-time.

Solution Brochure

For more detailed information on Self Care Diagnostics, download the brochure

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