Turning information into usable knowledge for enterprises

Posted On: July 27, 2019

Living in the era of digitization makes information one of the most important assets of modern enterprises. Making, managing, and sharing of information has never been so easy. With cloud platforms emerging rapidly in the digital world, knowledge management software is becoming a topmost choice for enterprises to manage their services proficiently.

How important can knowledge and information management in your business be? Take a look:

  • It’s estimated that poor knowledge-sharing practices cost Fortune 500 companies $31.5 billion annually.
  • 74 percent of organizations estimate that effective knowledge management disciplines increase companies’ productivity by 10-40 percent.

As knowledge management is defined by the efficiency and productive capabilities, it’s crucial that organizations manage their knowledge base and enable content in an organized and accessible way.

Deloitte states that knowledge-based software increases business benefits in several ways, one of which is enhanced client satisfaction by delivering valuable insights. These systems ensure that all communication and processes run smoothly within the organization.

As far as content management and customer experience are concerned, our Knowledge management platform provides a solution in different forms to ensure maximum productivity.

Interactive Decision Tree

To begin with, an interactive decision tree is a flow-chart style tool that allows the users to examine/investigate the several possible courses of action for a problem with outcomes and effects for each of those actions.

This workflow-based management is extremely useful and hence commonly used in the financial realm to monitor spending, manage portfolios, and even provide approvals for loans. In the retail industry, a decision tree flowchart can help to examine the practicability and sustainability of a new product, as also to accurately find new markets for an already existing successful product. In telecom & other emerging industries, it is used for troubleshooting balance, network or data-related issues, recommendation engine, etc.

Picture Guides: Knowledge Management Tool

These are step-by-step visual guides for advanced device configuration and troubleshooting. Visuals allow easy understanding of knowledge content in an engaging way.

Picture Guides are extremely useful for Device Manufacturers, Telecoms, and Applications where customer service agents need support in various aspects regarding configuration and comparison. The advantage of a picture guide is not only to provide a solution in pictorial view but also present them in multiple languages and capability to push the same through SMS and email as well with omnichannel abilities.

When information is easy to access and accurately located through NLP based search, it saves a lot of productive time, allowing customer service agents to focus on more important and profitable tasks.

Effective knowledge management allows support teams to resolve employee and customer requests quickly and correctly. Employees are able to stay satisfied and productive, and customers place more trust in the company, which makes them likely to purchase.

At KocharTech, our endeavor is to understand customers better, enabling value creation, while maintaining strong business fundamentals. KnowMax, our proprietary Knowledge Management tool has proven to provide a distinct advantage to businesses using:

  • Picture Guides: Empowering agents and customers with visual navigation towards solution.
  • Decision Tree: Reducing complex interactions into easy to follow step by step guides.
  • CMS: Efficient Management & neat Structuring of knowledge base for effective use.
  • Elastic Search: We offer NLP based search through which using natural language we can find & extract any form of content.

KnowMax has revolutionized the way a Support Executive probes and troubleshoots a query or concern put forward by a customer. This innovative tool also supports integration with Chabot and AR Guides, which is leading future integrations for unassisted channels. The objective is to resolve the customer queries faster, in the first go with a high NPS score while reducing cost.

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