Making Warehouses Future Ready

Posted On: July 27, 2019

Expansion of e-commerce has contributed to tremendous growth in the Warehousing and Logistics industry. Sales of warehouse automation technology worldwide are expected to reach a market value of $22.4bn by 2021.

In India, retail and storage contribute to almost 55% of the Indian Warehousing Industry. The adoption of technology in Indian warehouses is witnessing a projected growth of CAGR of 10 – 12 % during 2015 –2020.

Key factors driving the adoption of IoT in warehouses are a reduction in operational costs, scalable business models, and safety and security demands. This is even more relevant today with the rate of growth of e-commerce in India.

To gain maximum benefits, you must choose a technology partner, who has a substantial capability in the deployment of IoT devices that give you a greater competitive advantage. KocharTech has enabled IoT solutions in logistics and warehousing for one of the top five e-commerce retailers in India.

We are a leading connected consumer solutions company. Having significant experience in empowering logistics, retail and warehousing businesses, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to a number of clients and help them deliver superior customer experience and maximize profitability in businesses.

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