Supporting Revenue Growth During Market Volatility in Telecom

Posted On: July 27, 2019

India reached the billion-subscriber mark of mobile phone users in 2015, according to TRAI*. But a lot has changed since. In an already low margin, cutthroat competitive telecom market, the entry of a Telco-backed Internet service provider and its ruthless market penetration strategy, forced existing players to review their business models and reshape their offerings.

Most operators were trying to minimize customer churn, enhance revenue out of their existing subscriptions, while also expanding its user base. Challenges grew multifold when Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of most companies fell by 42%. Many companies had to exit the market, while others were forced to merge in order to survive.

One of early movers and pioneers in the Indian Telecom sector, with years of dominance in the industry held a substantial market share before the entry of a new player. Their business model involves engaging with partners to support the end customers, while sustaining and diversifying service offerings aligned to their growth plan.

KocharTech’s association with the market pioneer goes back to more than a decade. During this period KT helped with Pre-paid & Post-paid, Enterprise Solutions, the brand’s music app and its newly launched Payments Bank to name a few.

With the change in the market ecosystem, besides providing existing services, KocharTech opted to support the company in areas it could generate additional revenue. Lead generation was one such area, where we expanded subscriptions for their suite of Internet services over its existing user base.

Internal process evaluation and market trend analysis confirmed that while it was imperative to provide diversified service offerings aligned to market trends and customer needs, equal emphasis was required to strengthen the core business processes and improve them even further to reduce costs while providing unmatched customer experience and pricing model.

KocharTech leveraged technology – lean and standardized processes driven by Solution Experts to drive results.

From Agents to Solutions Expert

KocharTech as a BPM service provider has matured over the years and has moved away from support agents to emphasize on Solution Expert. While agents were proficient in supporting piecemeal processes, Solution Experts are empowered to create improved customer experience supported by an integrated BPM framework. Aided by our in-house knowledge management tools and frameworks, Solution Experts are enabled to handle sales while creating personalized customer experiences, minimize interactions and optimizing handle time.

Leverage Technology for Seamless Experience

Our Knowledge Management solution, KnowMax, powered by Decision Tree integrated into CRM Software, allows easy access to knowledge repository enabling executives to deliver instant resolutions, thereby reducing the cost of operations. End-to-end case management with the help of AI-enabled process automation, using behavioral routing, machine learning, and cloud, a Solution Expert would require a single point of reference for settling any reservations through the channel of the customer’s choice.

Lean and Standardized Processes

Over the years, KocharTech has embraced lean and six-sigma methodologies to transform its business processes, making them more efficient. Driven by RCA culture, and periodic pre-defined interventions processes continuously evolve enhancing performance.

With KocharTech, the company managed to retain its position in the market. This pilot process enabled the Telecom leader to generate an additional revenue amounting to INR 13.24 million in FY 17-18, with 650% ROI.

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