On Device Apps

Effective, Effortless, Express Support


Instant, accurate and virtual support delivered straight to customer devices.

A suite of self-diagnostic tools, On-device apps offer support that enhances and differentiates your support experiences right on customers’ devices.

Support through the most accessible channel: Customer Device


Real-time, accurate, native & remote diagnostics for configuration, connectivity and device issues.


Access to up-to-date content and notifications on devices, addressing issues before they occur.


Additional revenue generation by offering customized products and services to the user base.


Self healing module for resolving issues in real time without any intervention from the operator or the user.

Gizmo Doctor

Remote & Self Diagnostic tool for contract devices, addressing common device issues like battery, camera, performance and more.

Self-Care App

Let your customers manage their mobile account transactions in real-time. Contact us feature to request a callback from contact center, or live chat with agents for faster resolutions.

Intelligent Self Care Assistant

Configure APN, MMS and email settings on the device automatically and over the network.

  • With on-device apps, customer can access our constantly updated knowledge base anytime helping them serve themselves.

  • Our modular architecture gives you an option to deploy our apps as stand-alone solution or even integrate with your existing Apps to provide added functionality.

  • A complete suite of tools that works to diagnose, resolve and allow customers to get custom notifications and get real-time engagement with support agents.

Solution Demo

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Solution Brochure

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