Mobile World Congress - 2019

Almost Feels Like a Human

We build a bot and train it to have human-like chat conversations. We integrate it with a well-organized knowledge base, which becomes the source of its answers. AI & machine learning makes it intelligent enough to understand user intent, parse their messages, and self-learn from its conversations. Other components like predictive modelling, sentiment, and entities help it deliver logical answers. And when it confronts anything beyond intelligence, it gracefully passes on the conversation to its human counterparts.

Making Life Easier for Customers & Support Teams


Chat being a preferred point of contact, attracts many users towards itself. Deploying our intelligent bot behind your chat window gives your customers a well-informed companion for instant answers.

Support Teams

Working as an extension for your support team, it saves their time by handling frequent tickets. This helps them focus on & solve complex issues, building better customer relationships.

Already have a Bot? Let us Make it Intelligent.

If your bot is restricted to address only a few scenarios, you need to enhance its conversational scope for customer engagement. Our AI-powered knowledge framework will neatly structure your knowledge base and integrate with your bot to enable it deliver contextual answers. It trains a bot to understand & acknowledge user intent, answer in multiple languages, and fetch most relevant answers from knowledge base. And with built-in components like decision trees, quick findability, predictive search, and multilingual options; it helps your bot deliver accurate answers.

Helping Brands Beautify their Customer Experience

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The Milestones We Have Touched

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25+ Years

Handled 4 Billion+

2500+ Solution

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20 Countries

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