Water Leak Sensor

Detects water leakage and saves your home from dampness & significant damage.

Water Leak Sensor: With water sensor, you could monitor and prevent leaks from turning into costly and damaging floods. You would receive an alert in case there is leakage at your home.

Are you worried about water leaks in your home or office? Are you worried about your assets when you leave home? Does it make you insecure when you leave your children or elders home alone?

Water leakage can cause significant damage to your home and health, if not detected and fixed, before they become worse. Water Leak Sensor alerts you through a sound alarm and a notification on your App, whenever it detects any leakage.

How It Works
Place the sensor where you want to detect water leakage like near your refrigerator, dishwasher, basement or laundry room.
Pair the Water Leak Sensor with already installed Connected Gateway using Smart App. Once added, it triggers an alert whenever it comes in contact with water and notifies you.

*This product can only be used in combination with the Connected Gateway (GS-CG-ZB001).
The Connected Gateway is included in the Smart Home Kit.
A total of 160 sensors (including Smart Plug, Multi-purpose Security Sensor and Water Leak Sensor etc) can be added to a Connected Gateway.

Smart water leak detection
Two types of detection probes for wall mounting or
Ground deployment
Built-in alarm for immediate alarm activation
Detection Method: Resistance Bridge
Low battery detection
Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee products
Complied with CE requirements
ZigBee Certified product
  • ProtocolZigBee P ro HA 1.2
  • Power sourceCR123A 3V lithium battery x 1
  • Battery life2.6 years
  • Operating temperature-10°C to +45°C
  • Operating humidityUp to 85% non-condensing

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Water Leak Sensor
  • Battery: CR123A 3V Lithium
  • Installation Guide
  • Optional Mounting Hardware

Minimum Requirements

  • 1 Connected Gateway,
  • Smartphone/Tablet
  • GizmoSmart App: