Maintain a Pleasant Ambience

It takes a pleasant ambience to ensure customers revisit your office and actually feel good being there. Our integrated sensors for air quality, temperature, humidity, and more inform you in real time whenever, there are deviations in environment. Our surveillance team keeps a consistent check on hygiene factors to sustain a pleasant ambience.

Business Benefits through Technology

Hygiene Audit

Treat your customers with a clean & hygienic environment.

  • Identify Unhygienic Areas
  • Monitor Staff Hygiene


Temperature Control

Ensure temperature remains within the desired level.

  • Alerts & Notifications when Temperature Exceeds
  • Remotely set the AC temperature


Air Quality Management

Welcome your customers in a fresh environment.

  • Measure Indoor Air Quality
  • Monitoring Harmful Effects of Air Pollution


People Audits

Monitor employee activity and ensure they stay productive & efficient.

  • Complete visibility of employee activity
  • Monitor deviations in SOP adherence


Analysing 2 Million sq. ft.

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Connected Devices

Solutions Used in More than
20 Countries

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