How Does In-App Support Benefit Your Business in Long Run?

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EuropCar – a French car rental company couldn’t make much impact in the market in the early stages of development. Why? Because, it offered little beyond a simple website that couldn’t keep customers tightly engaged. However, its impact on the market was felt later post it launched an app with integrated services like live chat and in-app support.

By integrating in-app support with its other channels of communication, EuropCar was not only able to cater to a wider market, but also received acclaim for its constant engagement with customers. The rest, as they say, is history! Currently, it’s one of the market leaders in the car rental industry.

Mobile app adoption is maturing as usage mellows – Gartner. It’s not surprising why every company is trying to build an app. However, the associated dilemma to either have in-house app support or outsource it is still prevalent. Interestingly, the decision is pretty simple in terms of price, control, time and business impact. Those days are gone when outsourcing was only able to reduce recruitment and operational costs. These days, it’s the main source of talent pool, which gives a company more time to strengthen core business areas.

How InApp Support Helps a Business Grow?

According to Forrester, over 53% customers don’t choose a company again if their query isn’t instantly answered. Most importantly, the scope of companies specializing in in-app support isn’t limited to engagement. These companies provide a wide range of services, integrated with each other, to improve customer experience and open more revenue streams.

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Let’s take a look on a few factors that make in-app support a game changer:

  • Getting More Customers On-Board – Startups and medium-sizedcompanies with their stringent marketing budgets find it difficult to get more exposure for their apps in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Currently, there are over 1.6 million and 1.5 million apps in Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively. The costs of customer acquisition can be pretty high, which poses a major challenge for companies looking to find and target their user base. With an omni-channel support approach and targeted app download campaigns, companies specializing in-app support focus on increasing the number of downloads as well as active users.
  • Improving Customer Experience – The focus of customer service outsourcing is to ultimately improve customer experience. With thousands of apps serving the same purpose, reliable and efficient customer support is the key differentiator. Customers often have comments, ideas and queries regarding the app. However, lack of real-time and direct communication leaves many queries unanswered impacting purchase decisions. Both customer feedback and customer interest are important for any budding business. With in-app support, you can get your customers indulged in real-time communication with your brand to get their queries resolved. At the same time, they can provide contextual feedback to make necessary improvements in the app.
  • Constant Engagement to Retain Customers –The importance of acquiring new customers can’t be overlooked. However, it’s difficult to keep the customers engaged. Retention has been a major issue for most companies. According to a Harris Study, 86% people switch to another company after a bad experience. Moreover, approximately 25% of downloaded apps are uninstalled after a couple of uses. It won’t be fair to blame the app. The primary reason for such user behaviour is their growing expectations and lack of real-time communication. More often than not, customers aren’t aware of new features and their benefits. Moreover, delays in fixing issues can also lead to negative reviews and removal of the app. Companies providing in-app support ensure constant engagement with customers and fixing the negative app reviews. With live chat, voice calls and other channels of communication, they successfully convert your passive users to active ones.

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A great customer experience is less about interactions and more about conversations. Companies providing in-app support use knowledge base management to design excellent conversational interfaces that are easy-to-use. Knowledge base and knowledge representation are two key factors used to make chatbots intelligent. Right after the learning components via AI and natural language processing, knowledge base ensures the information gained is stored and used properly. This determines the quality of learning, and the level of intelligence your chatbot achieves. With an integrated approach, your chatbot is able to understand sentences accurately, and provides customers with the right responses for better conversations. This not only improves the overall customer experience, but also reduces downtime for resolving queries.



The benefits of in-app support outsourcing aren’t just limited to customer engagement. In fact, companies providing in-app support focus on multi-channel support approach to make sure you’ve got everything covered. While your outsourcing makes sure your brand grows, the lateral benefits come when your in-house team stays focused on core functions to increase overall value and ROI. In order to make the most of in-app support, you need to look for an experienced and professional service provider. Giving it to a reliable partner like GizmoSupport definitely helps you have an upper hand.

Providing support to more than 2,50,000 customers daily with 3,000 solution providers GizmoSupport has been in the business for over a decade and is a trusted name for companies across industries such as E-commerce, BFSI, Telecom, and Travel.

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