Why Decision Trees are Important for Customer Service?

Posted On: May 12, 2017

A common challenge for businesses today is to deliver quick and precise resolutions to their customers. Simultaneously, they have to ensure easy understanding of knowledge and processes for their support representatives for efficient resolution delivery. Decision trees for customer service play an important role to overcome challenges of knowledge findability. By providing decision trees to their support representatives, and integrating them with websites & self-care apps, companies can largely enhance their customer service level.

Why are Decision Trees Important?

Comprehension and retention of information becomes easy when it is presented in the form of smaller pieces. Interactive decision trees for customer service reduce complex interactions to a few clicks, making it easy for agents and customers to understand technical processes and troubleshooting issues. Offering such solutions greatly improves the level of customer service. Typically, decision trees are a combination of logical statements that represent a step by step way of finding solution for a given issue. A series of steps represent a complete guided way towards a final solution, explaining the process in a simplified manner.

Benefits of Decision Trees

  1. Well-structured Delivery of Resolutions
  2. Improved First Call Resolution (FCR)
  3. Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT)
  4. Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rate
  5. Improved Customer Experience

Let’s take a look at the platforms where decision trees can be used:

Decision Tree based Self-help Solutions

“Self-service adoption has increased across all generations”, says Forrester. It suggests companies to be pragmatic about having self-service solutions in place. Troubleshooting decision trees help with quick delivery of solutions, leaving customers pleased. These can be integrated with web, mobile, and virtual assistants facilitating seamless multichannel customer support.

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Decision Tree Scripts for Call Centers

The impulse to get solutions on call is still alive with consumers. Decision tree based scripts make it easier for support reps to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently. Integration of decision trees with backend systems makes them intelligent solution providers. It helps agents pull up specific customer information turning their resolution approach from general to particular. Top call drivers can be handled with a standardized approach where agents can provide resolutions having a decision-tree based troubleshooting guide with them. This is time-saving and effective, putting a positive impact on key metrics including Average Handling Time (AHT), First Call Resolution (FCR), and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rates.

Thus, businesses must adopt decision trees to give their customers a complete guided path towards finding solutions to their queries. KocharTech has a rich device database and decision tree templates for customer support in telecom, e-commerce, and businesses in other segments. Our troubleshooting trees help improve customer service whilst reducing support hours by a significant number. Contact us for solutions to deliver improved customer service across touchpoints.

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