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Value Proposition

Today’s digitized consumers in the connected ecosystem face numerous challenges to manage, control and utilize their smart devices. The explosion of new devices in the technology landscape has created a huge gap in available knowledge to support these devices.

At KocharTech, we build solutions that enable consumers to Do-more with their devices. Our managed service platform and solutions help Operators, Enterprises and Consumers simplify technology in the new age of digital lifestyle. With highly trained 5000+ solution Providers, state-of-art infrastructure & largest knowledge base we assist 1,50,000+ consumers every day to enhance their Smart Device experience in the Connected Environment.

We serve 5 of the top 25 global operators and Fortune 500 companies; also have been awarded with prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2014 & 2015.

Business Categories

Our solutions help Operators unlock the revenue potential, create measurable and faster ROIs by leveraging our customized and pre-packaged solutions. We help our clients’ manage the growing device management menace, OTA platforms, enhance data usage and reduce smart phone support costs. Our solution range includes Device Management solutions, Device and Application Testing, Training and Retail solutions.

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Our Managed Mobility solution allows enterprise to manage mobility needs easily and effectively to maximize ROI, minimize risk and capitalize on all that mobility offers. We offer end to end managed mobility solutions which include Device management, Learning management solutions, Testing and User experience management framework and Retail solutions.

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Our Consumer division helps the users Do More with their Smart Phones, Tablets, Smart Tv’s, Smart Cameras, Computers and a host of connected devices and get most from their technology investments through support and learning solutions. Our experience of more than 10 years in solving more than 240 million Tech challenges helps us in understanding the consumers better making us one the largest tech support providers in the region.

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