How Intelligent Virtual Assistants Deliver Excellent Help-Desk Experience

Posted On: June 3, 2019

Today’s fast-paced digital trends are challenging the work ideologies and operational strategies of businesses. Especially when it comes to excellence in CX, enterprises keep on hunting for the finest strategies that will set them apart from the competition.

With advent of AI, virtual interactions are increasing & reducing the limitations of communication processes. A report indicates that by 2020, 30 percent of B2B companies will employ artificial intelligence (AI) to augment at least one of their primary sales processes.

As compared to other industries, e-commerce is an erratic one. There are several choices of online buyers related to e-commerce brands. The connected consumers always wait for what a particular brand has to offer and how easily and quickly they provide service. However, rising technological trends can help brands getting advanced to understand consumer behavior. Embracing new techniques manipulate consumer decision journey leading to more sales and happy customers.

How can I help you?

Chatbot or IVA is one of the technologies serving as a helping hand for humans backed with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). AI makes it easy for a bot to understand things quickly and as per requirements of specific industry, if bot is trained properly it gives stellar results in customer experience.

For instance, in industry like e-commerce, day-to-day queries come in huge figure and this becomes difficult for a human to interact thoroughly while suggesting relevant answers for each one. On the flip side, AI backed virtual assistant makes response delivery even lot easier and fast. Managing queries even when same type of question is asked multiple times, a bot can do it in structured and smarter way. When talking about intelligent virtual assistant, a name that first comes to our mind is the virtual assistant developed by Alibaba Group that solves 90% of customer queries including 24/7 automated support with stronger predictive analytics to forecast what users might ask next.

The bottom line here is that virtual assistants enabled with intelligent & natural language processed content works out more effectively while resolving customer queries.

According to a research by Gartner, twenty-five percent of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) across engagement channels by 2020

Features of virtual assistants that can give a boost in e-commerce customer support setup:

24*7 support

Customers shop online and yes they are not time bound. That’s why 24*7 support is a must. Human availability in customer support is not definite but bots can be of great advantage in being proactive to queries and solving them.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Online customers see products from a different perspective and the same goes with emotions/ languages in which they interact. Natural Language Processing (NLP) curated content available in bot’s knowledge base help them to understand emotions, language, and phrases.

Canned Responses

Information is encapsulated in a shortcode so there is no need to write a longer message. For example, a support agent could create a code called (payment bug) with its response directed to “We apologize for the inconvenience” with the further statement. So whenever there is payment related issue, you just need to insert the code and bot will work next.

Segmented Customers

Segmenting customers means putting them into their respective category. For example, there are some customers that shop often or there some are some who do once a month so bot can take initiative by sending them messages according to their respective buying habits. This helps in the personalization of customer interactions.

API integration

It helps in customer feel heard on all platforms whether customer operates on mobile app or website. Customer just needs to login with same details to continue with the same.

Cart Decisions

Consumers put their selected items into cart and an intelligent virtual assistant can help in alerting them to take decision on buying a product or clearing the cart.

Order Status

Major benefit of virtual assistant is that they help in simplifying consumer buying journey by providing them information about their shipping info, and look into queries in case of return & refunds.

Product Guidance

Instead of searching a product from thousands of products, chat-bot can also help in finding the one for you. See how brand like eBay makes this easy:

Chatbots for Ecom


OPEX Reduction

Chat-bots taking care of most of the customer questions without any human intervention helps online stores to limit their extra operational expenditures.

Ending thoughts

Customer Experience is seen as a key factor in how business benefits and organizations really need to invest in the solutions that obtain active and real-time information, engage in a digital environment and enhance support productivity. Create a stellar experience in customer support with the assistance of leading technology enabler that makes virtual assistant intelligent and customer experience seamless through the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ ML (Machine Learning). Get in touch with our experts to get an intelligent virtual assistant for your e-store.

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