Unified Device Management Solutions for Telecom Success

Posted On: December 31, 2016

Operators are facing new challenges with the increased use of connected mobile devices with varied software and features. They need unified device management solutions for telecoms to manage their services over the increasing fragmentation of devices efficiently.

Accurate detection & identification of consumer devices connected to the telecom’s network is vital for the service provider. Support agents use this data to help users configure their device and resolve any issues using their services. Moreover, the knowledge of subscriber devices helps marketing staff promote new services and offerings as well.

Efficient telecom management solutions combine a robust device database with the right features & tools to help operators deliver better. Though various solutions are available for the telecom industry today, finding the best one is crucial to efficient management.

  • Ease of Deployment & Use: Support agents should not face much hassle while installing, integrating, and using the device management tool. Moreover, the solution should allow automatic detection & configuration of new devices connected to the network. This allows users to get easy access to telecom services, resulting in a better revenue generating opportunity for operators.
  • Robust Device Database: As stated above, the increasing number of consumer devices is creating new challenges for operators. Here, access to device management solutions for telecom backed by a robust device database helps deliver better support. This simplifies the configuration process for both operators as well as subscribers with a flexible support mechanism. A database of relevant and precise knowledge combined with visual guides helps boost the service quality.
  • Remote Management, Diagnostics, & Troubleshooting: As the subscriber can be anywhere while using mobile communication services, enabling remote support is a must for operators. An efficient device management tool should allow support agents to diagnose and troubleshoot devices remotely, with OTA management capabilities.
  • Seamless Integration with Backend: Not only the consumer front end, but the tool should also integrate well with the existing backend support system. This simplifies, not only the adoption of the solution, but also enables efficient delivery of services as well as support solutions.

In short, the best device management solutions for telecom should be well equipped with the right tools, features, and device knowledge. Moreover, the solution should integrate well with the existing customer service infrastructure and can be easily deployed & used.

KocharTech offers a unified platform for telecoms to enable complete device life-cycle management for their subscriber’s connected devices. The platform combines various tools & features, like remote diagnostics, OTA support, picture guides, and a robust knowledge base. If you are looking for a solution to the challenges of a fragmented device ecosystem for your telecom company, book a demo to see how we can help.

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