Revamp Customer Experience with Knowledge Management Solutions

Posted On: December 23, 2016

Inaccurate resolutions and inconsistent support service are the major contributors to a poor quality customer service. However, centralized knowledge management solutions help solve this problem, by enabling efficient support for customers at both agent-assisted and self-service channels.

Customers today want service representatives to understand & solve their problems without wasting much time. But, when a support agent fails to understand the end-user issues and is unable to deliver an accurate, feasible resolution, the customer starts losing faith in the brand. Thus, it becomes essential for operators to equip their agents with knowledge about the latest services, products, and end-user devices along with related issues & resolutions.

Integrating a knowledge management platform with existing contact channels can help you attract higher customer satisfaction and brand value with better quality service. Some of the main advantages of deploying knowledge management to the telecom support service include:

  • Improved Resolution Rate: Without a relevant experience, agents fail to understand and solve customer issues on their own, and have to rely on other sources. This requires the client to wait for a long time or call back to get the desired resolution, significantly dropping the quality of service.
    On the other hand, integrating the right support knowledge empowers agents with readily available solutions, increasing the rate of delivering resolutions at the first contact.
  • Optimized Training Costs: Hiring & firing of agents is a regular part of a contact centre, be it of a telecom service provider or any other business. The reason for this can be any, including some familiar ones, staff turnover and expansion needs. Training a new agent every day or week becomes difficult, and requires service providers to invest an enormous amount of time & money.
    However, technology can be used to address this challenge and optimize resource utilization, while improving the training output quality. Integrated knowledge management solutions help minimize the training time & cost, making more productive agents ready to serve the customers.
  • Increased Agent Productivity: An integrated knowledge base brings answers at the fingertips of support agents. This improves their ability to resolve more queries per hour and makes customers feel happy with the quick service. As a result, this leads to an increased loyalty and higher retention rates for the service provider.
  • Understanding Customers Better: Getting insights into the end-user problems can help you devise permanent, feasible solutions for an enhanced end-user experience. Dynamic knowledge management tools entail quick resolutions to the most popular queries raised by customers, for use at both agent-assisted and self-care channels.

Listed above are some commonly observed benefits of integrating a robust knowledge base to the existing customer service practice. However, finding the right solution is crucial to reap all these advantages, where adding relevant experience to the support system helps agents serve better and quicker.

KocharTech combines a unified pool of support knowledge for service providers dealing with today’s connected devices, like smartphones, tablets, and others. KnowMax is developed specifically for telecom service providers and OEMs to meet the dynamic needs of the customer care world. Designed and upgraded with an experience of 12 years, these knowledge management solutions have enhanced the business value of 5 of the top 25 global operators.

If you are interested in unlocking the rewards of a knowledge-based support, book a demo now to see how our solution can help you upgrade your customer services.

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