In the ocean of knowledge,
findability is the key.

Smart access to your knowledge base with easy findability & multi-channel content curation.

Nurturing Customer Experience.

Successful customer experience strategies rely on satisfied customer interactions. And, in practice, this means empowering their digital journey by delivering consistent, appropriate, and fast responses in the precise moments that define customer experience.

Satisfied Customers

Make your customers feel cared for. Deliver personalized support through interactive picture guides and decision tree based tutorials.

Faster Access to Knowledge

Increase the ease of accessing knowledge. A well-structured knowledge base drives self service and enables agents deliver instant resolutions.

Minimise Costs

Easy access to knowledge enables agents deliver quick resolutions. Accurate responses reduce call volumes and hence minimise costs.

Converting Content into Actionable Knowledge.

Strong Content Management

Efficient management of your knowledge base and its use.

Decision Tree

Reducing complex interactions into easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides.

Picture Guides

A suite of cloud-based tools that empower agents with expertise to handle customer queries.

Omnichannel Support

Works with all digital channels and bots.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Including seamless integration with Salesforce, SAP and Siebel CRM.

Self-learning Processes

Monitoring customer activity on self-service channels and providing contextual insights.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)-ready

Understand and process user intent to direct customers to relevant solutions.

BOT Training

Empower your bot with a rich knowledge base. Create intent, dialogues, and entities.

Wait! There’s More.

  • Access to consistent & relevant knowledge keeps marketing & sales teams on the same page. Helping them understand the challenges of targeted audience, communicate their value proposition, and close deals.

  • Significant time & budget is involved to enable agents & bots interact with customers. Structured knowledge flow helps optimize the time to train them. While easing knowledge access over customer self-help channels reduces tickets and cost-to-serve.

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