Knowledge Management Software Helps Improve Customer Service

Posted On: October 27, 2016

For all major telecom and technology companies, achieving support excellence is a key factor to ensure better business growth. From agent-assisted channels to self-service ones, a knowledge management software helps improve customer experience through first-contact resolutions.

Knowledge management is one of the key characteristics of an efficient customer support service provider. Organizations that deploy the best knowledge management software deliver a better customer experience.

Knowledge Empowers Customers & Staff

If your knowledge platform has updated and in-depth, relevant technology knowledge, it will enable both customers and support teams with strong, effective resolutions. On the other part, customers get the desired resolutions to solve their issues on their own.

According to an analysis by Gartner on the impact of knowledge management on customer service:

  • With contextual knowledge available to the customer or service provider, time-to-resolution gets reduced by 20% – 80%.
  • With proper knowledge management tools, CIOs can effectively reduce the cost of customer support by at least 25%.
  • Organizations deploying the best software for knowledge management to deliver customer support build better trust & customer satisfaction, and improve on brand competency.

How an Integrated Knowledge Base Helps?

  • A knowledge base, featuring automated tools to update, share, and provide access to data, makes up a good customer service tool. This allows customer service representatives filter and deliver resolutions from already discovered solutions, rather than beginning from scratch.
  • Wikis, self-help forums and guides, are other popular ways to share tested solutions and support knowledge within customer service teams. This helps create a satisfied customer base with instant resolutions available, as soon as they contact an agent or use a self-service option.
  • Along with customers, a managed knowledge base software also empowers service reps with accurate, feasible resolutions for quick & efficient customer service.

Thus, an integrated knowledge management software delivers the necessary tools to both customers and businesses for a positive end-user experience.

Invest in a Knowledge Management Platform that Works

Collaboration is an essential aspect to create a strong knowledge management solution. Customer service representatives distributed across different channels of subscriber contact have a visibility to different issues and resolutions. Thus, the isolated data should be combined when support teams work in alliance with marketing, sales, and others.

Though every company encounters some challenges while combining and creating a centralized database, they prefer investing in knowledge management software from reliable vendors. This helps deliver a positive impact on the end-user experience, increasing visibility for customers.

Thus, knowledge management has slowly become a vital component of a strong strategy for customer service. Support staff need access to a wide range of information about products, and customers to deliver a better service. However, customer service providers need to integrate various channels and teams within the organization to reap all the benefits.

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