Effective Support Solutions for MVNO – Improve Brand Value for Operators

Posted On: October 26, 2016

Service providers in the telecom sector are experiencing a drop in their customer satisfaction scores. Since MVNOs operate on the network infrastructure of an existing operator, improving customer experience is crucial for them to gain a differentiated brand value.

With the MVNO market expected to surpass US $85 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2015, new operators need to battle hard to gain market share. Along with their personalized, niche-based offers, operators can create more demand among their target consumer market with efficient MVNO Software

Cloud-based Services

The emergence of cloud-based solutions allow MVNOs to offer scalable and flexible services, assisting MVNOs create a higher subscriber demand. The addition of seamless, comprehensive BSS/OSS platforms helps operators boost their growth and customer retention with a customer life cycle-oriented business model.

The Growth of MVNOs

With MVNOs slowly capturing a huge market share with their niche-services, operators are moving ahead of data and voice services for a better growth. Entering the era of digital lifestyle, both MNOs and MVNOs have started delivering video, music, cloud storage, and other services. With this, the level of competition among service providers has also increased and robust support solutions can help them grow substantially.

Offering Services

With this trend, MVNOs will have a huge amount of data to anticipate, collect, and analyze along with provisioning & managing accounts to meet the evolving end-user demands. This will increase the reliance of operators on BSS/OSS platforms to accommodate this big data. Observed as a challenge of data management and customer relationship, this also brings a great opportunity for MVNOs to establish and create a unique value for their brand. Here, operators can offer timely services to differentiate their brand from others with efficient support solutions for MVNO, attracting and retaining more subscribers.


MVNOs need to have access to enough flexibility and skill level to enable a smooth flow of all the products and services. Operators also need to be capable of eliminating speed and connectivity issues, which can affect subscriber relations in a negative manner. So, in order to meet the ever-changing subscriber lifestyles, the BSS/OSS platform and other elements of service & support should be devised from scratch, as per the specific mobile needs.

Gaining Differentiation

Various reports have stated customer service as a major differentiator among businesses. MVNOs lack the required resources and infrastructure to enable quality support to enhance their customer’s journey and lifetime value. Today, operators have access to different solutions, like device management, knowledge management, and self-care solutions. Finding the best match to your needs can help you deliver a differentiated support service to your telecom subscribers, and hence, gain more value for your brand.


In short, the introduction of new products and services in the mobile segment, catering to personalized lifestyles of digital subscribers, will lead to diverse service packages. These plans will further put an increased charging and rating pressure on MVNOs as well as their support solutions.

Virtual operators can easily and quickly adapt to the changing demands of the mobile market with access to flexible & scalable BSS/OSS platform and effective MVNO solutions.

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