Attract More Customers with Right MVNO Solutions & Strategy

Posted On: January 6, 2017

An MVNO doesn’t have an in-house network infrastructure or a communication spectrum, but delivers wireless services on the top of its brand value. It borrows the required spectrum and infrastructure from an MNO or an MVNE, combined with MVNO solutions to ensure quality services.

With a proper launch strategy and efficient services, an MVNO opens up new revenue streams to create healthy profits. However, gaining value in this marketplace is not easy and companies need to address multiple challenges to achieve success. The resources, skills, and operational systems required to deliver a quality service might not be the core competencies of all the brands, raising the need of effective strategies & MVNO solutions.

These challenges vary with industry, while every business launching MVNO services will have its advantages that can lead to success. For instance, a communications company has the required operational systems, but can’t deliver niche market plans or services. On the other hand, a retail chain brand lacks the necessary architecture and system, but has a higher user base & presence.

Start with the Right Proposition

For an MVNO targeting a particular user group, the value proposition should deliver a clear message stating benefits to the target audience. Any product launched without a compelling appeal will become a clear reason for customers not to switch to its services. Also, any product or service launched by an MVNO should be tested properly, as any compromise to the quality will lead to the negative output.

Managing a Successful Launch

As stated above, every company entering the MVNO market will bring a different set of core competencies. Irrespective of the background, every business has to address the challenges of a successful MVNO launch, related to aspects like targeting the niche market, delivering desired services and customer service.

A successful MVNO launch involves management strategy with a disciplined, rigorous, decision-making environment and access to the right MVNO solutions for efficient service delivery.

Enabling Operational Systems

Back office systems, like network interface, billing, customer service, and the platform to deliver services are also an important aspect of a successful MVNO. Realizing the need of a robust BSS/OSS platform, it might take MVNOs a couple of years and a huge budget to meet the needs of launching their services.

So, deploying superior back office capabilities ensures success for MVNOs. Brands should look out for reputed vendors or MVNEs to invest in useful BSS/OSS tools and kickstart a well-built MVNO brand.

Maintaining Optimum Support Quality

The telecom industry has grown highly competitive for service providers regarding customer service & support for issues faced by them. Moreover, the penetration of smartphones has created new challenges for service providers, including lack of non-branded devices & relevant knowledge, and related to inefficiently onboarding customers, in existing support solutions available.

However, service providers need to focus on the right support solutions for MVNO to build better relationships with customers. MVNOs can save significant costs by promoting the use of self-care services, decreasing support call volumes and average customer handling times. Additionally, integrating the right knowledge management & device management solutions can help them extend support to a variety of audience.

Starting from the European market, the MVNO trend has spread to other parts of the world. This has further intensified the already competitive telecom industry, thus choosing the right value proposition and deploying the right MVNO solutions is vital for business growth. If you are planning to launch a new virtual operator business or are looking for solutions to improve your business, book a demo here.

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