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Gateway to digital warehouse

Gateway to Digital Warehouse

Shopping has never been so easier. Sitting in the comfort of our room, we can instantly order whatever we desire […]

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Customer experience through social media

Going Online? Take Customer Service On Board

From stone age to modern age, communication and its channels have transformed drastically. At this time, the areas of communication […]

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People Counting in Retail with IoT

People Counting – Retailers Route Towards Digital Transformation

According to Mark Ryski, author of Conversion: The Last Great Retail Metric, “All retailers need to measure traffic and customer […]

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decide to climb the cx tree-Blog_feature_1-2

Decide To Climb The Customer Experience Tree With This Self- Service Software

A tree is related to various analogies in day to day life. Be it our natural aids, food and it […]

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Smart warehouse - a step towards digital transformation in logistics

Smart Warehouse – A Step Towards Digital Transformation

Gone are the days when goods were stored in old dingy godowns on the outskirts of villages and towns. Back […]

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Grab this best travel package on Customer Experience

Grab this Best Travel Package on Customer Experience

There comes a long holiday on calendar and people’s hunt to get best deals in hotel bookings, discount on tickets […]

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Retail Analytics Solution with IoT

Retail Analytics Solution – An Accelerator for Business Growth

In the era, where everything a person wants to buy is just a click away, there, it is getting difficult […]

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Think a Bigger Picture on Customer Experience

“A picture is worth a thousand words”  ~Fred R.Barnard A picture is worth a thousand words accurately stated by Fred […]

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Leverage IoT to increase your Warehouse Business Efficiency

The Business Opportunity Warehouse & Logistics are prospecting as biggest growth sectors in India, today. This is one reason warehouses […]

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In App Support – The Secret Sauce in your CX Recipe

Quick service restaurant is an emerging hope to every individual’s busy routine snacking or dining. Who does not want to […]

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App Rating - Blog - Featured Image_1

How Higher App Ratings Benefits Business Growth

2013 was the turning point of “Readdle” when a Ukrainian mobile application company identified the need to change their marketing […]

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