Best Practices in Customer Service Telecoms Should Follow

Posted On: January 2, 2017

With rising inclination towards a mobile lifestyle, consumers today prefer dealing with a reliable, trustworthy service provider. Operators need to ensure they deliver the best practices in customer service to maintain loyalty and satisfaction, for a long-term business. Moreover, with the telecom industry getting more competitive, customer retention is becoming the top priority for service providers.

Thus, telecoms need to deliver a smart customer service by following practices to meet customers’ expectations.

  • Round-the-Clock Support System: Earlier, most support systems used to work during regular business hours only. This limited availability caused problems for customers, who couldn’t get enough time from their busy day schedule. However, operators need to establish a round-the-clock customer service for a better end-user experience. This is considered to be one of the crucial best practices in customer service for telecoms.
  • Support over Digital Channels: Today, customers want assistance, not only on call but on digital channels as well, including their smartphones and website among others. Along with the traditional call centres, smartphone penetration has created a demand for self-care apps, a new preferred support channel. Thus, telecom operators need to invest in delivering a digital customer service, to meet customer expectations & improve service quality.
  • Integrated Support Knowledge: Empowering your support agents with centralized knowledge management tools help deliver quicker, accurate resolutions. Integrating the desired support knowledge, like customer information, their devices, related issues and resolutions ensures better support experience.
    Moreover, integrating knowledge with the agent training system helps make service representatives ready in less time & cost.
  • Interactive User Guides for Agents: Making customer knowledge available will contribute to positive results, if service representatives are able to find & deliver answers in real-time. Thus, the user guide or knowledgebase should have an intuitive interface, like the interactive tool KnowMax by KocharTech. This is one of the best practices in customer service for telecoms that helps improve agent’s efficiency and productivity.

In short, operators should promote customer experience with the use of integrated support tools and readily available support knowledge. This helps attract higher customer loyalty with satisfactory service for business success.

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