Best Knowledge Management Systems – Know How to Find Them

Posted On: December 24, 2016

With time, companies need to adopt new technologies to achieve success. Today, knowledge management has gained popularity by enabling higher operational effectiveness and customer service metrics, especially for telecoms. Though access to the right data can help improve outcomes, service providers should know how to find the best knowledge management systems.

There is no hard and fast rule to get the best tool for your business needs. An understanding of the features, use cases, and benefits of a KM tool can help you make a profitable investment.

  • Intelligent Search: Though every knowledge management system brings some data, yet it is useful only if the required information can be searched or located quickly. This is essential in case the knowledge base is used for support service, where agents need to find answers ASAP. Along with search, easy navigation also adds to the ease of access to the required data.
  • Collaboration with Existing System: For telecom call center agents already having access to a support system, integrated knowledge management tools can boost productivity. Thus, it is essential to evaluate the features of a solution that can mix well with your existing customer service system.
  • The Use Case: Knowledge has been an important part of every business, but the availability of advanced management tools have made it more prominent today. These solutions differ in terms of their use cases, like gathering operational knowledge and customer service, among others. Thus, it is vital for you to find the best knowledge management systems that meet your particular business needs and use cases.
  • Relevant Knowledge: With the rising popularity of KM, many 3rd party vendors have emerged with different tools, some industry-specific while others for general use. Having access to the one with solutions to your business-specific problems, helps improve operational effectiveness as well as results. For instance, for companies dealing with consumer mobile devices, like telecoms & manufacturers, KnowMax offers a robust database of support knowledge.

Thus, while looking for the best knowledge management systems, ease of use, collaboration, and relevancy to business-specific use cases are important factors. You might need to get your hands on multiple knowledge management system examples to find the best match. If you are dealing with support for consumer mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, routers, and others, click here to book a demo for a robust KM system.

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