7 Ways to Amplify your Enterprise Security with IoT

Posted On: June 26, 2018

Can IoT enabled enterprise security systems actually revolutionise industry processes and improve productivity? Here is one real-world example from the Healthcare industry that gives a positive indication of its potential. Canada-based healthcare provider Schlegel Villages created an autonomous system of remotely monitoring patients’ health care and security with IoT enabled devices. By using IoT enabled wearables, mobility management devices and inter-connected health care devices, they have created a secure network to monitor their patients remotely from a central hub that is accessed by multiple health care professionals.

Doctors can remotely check on patients, access daily reports and, also track their daily progress. For patients who aren’t mobile, IoT enabled systems can monitor their health and also alert doctors in case of any emergency in real-time, which greatly reduces risk and improves efficiency of damage control in certain situations.

To safeguard business processes, productivity and efficiency on a strategic and operational level, it is critical for businesses to look towards the future. Legacy systems providing enterprise security were modelled on the basis of older technologies that could help with lesser control and regulation. Now however, the level of complexity involved in a business is much higher.

Right from Research & Production to Sales and Distribution, there are multiple technologies, people, and processes involved. To effectively leverage control over processes and people that are spread across various functions and locations, you require a solution that can unify control.

This is where an IoT enabled enterprise security system comes in. It is an amalgamation of multiple electronic devices that are connected to the Internet, possessing the ability to communicate with each other and relay information across the connected network. Generally, these devices are video cameras along with an array of sensors that can detect smoke, heat etc. and communicate this information with other electronic devices and assigned controllers.


How can an IoT enabled security system provide enterprise security?


AI-Based Audits

With an enterprise security system powered by IoT, you will be generating a lot of data about processes. Inter-communicating video cameras and sensors will generate reams of data about the activities inside your places of business. An Artificial Intelligence based system can conduct an audit of the actual processes comparing the data with standard operating procedures. Deviations can be quickly identified to take corrective action.




24X7 Monitoring of Physical Locations 

Having an IoT based enterprise security solution can help you keep an eye on your business locations 24X7. With an interconnected network of devices that can communicate with each other and send information back to the cloud, you can monitor activities that are happening in all of your office locations in real-time. This can be accessed centrally from the comfort of your smartphone by simply accessing the video feed.


Efficient Anti-Theft System

An IoT based enterprise security system can help identify any intrusion at any of your properties and become an effective employee-theft prevention system. Advanced systems like the one being used in China have been designed for pilferage control. These satellite based systems can detect the change in pressure and flow in crude oil pipelines, and stop and resume the flow of crude oil accordingly to control theft instances. With M2M communication technology, the network of individual devices can be programmed to take action upon certain occurrences that are abnormal.


Get Real-Time Security Notifications 

Your IoT based enterprise security system can be programmed to identify security threats as and when they happen, and immediately notify a central controller (in most cases, the business owner or local authorities) about the recorded instance. Consider a security system that is installed in houses. It can detect an intrusion with the help of smart sensors and video equipment, and immediately notify the home owner through alarm, app notification, and SMS. The systems would capture an image of the intruder and send it to the house owner on their phone’s app.


Protect your Business Data with Server Protection

As most businesses have begun to embrace the cloud, the need for data storage and consumption has gone up tremendously. This has led businesses to invest heavily in expensive server equipment for effective enterprise IT security. Any kind of damage to your servers can be a major blow to your business health. With an IoT enabled enterprise security system, you can enable the protection of your servers with smart sensors that can help you identify the condition of your servers in real-time. If your servers start to heat up or catch fire, these sensors coupled with video monitoring systems can immediately raise an alarm and notify controllers to take quick corrective action.


Control Access to Sensitive Areas 

There can be several areas in multiple business locations that would have limited access to individuals/employees. These can be areas that are involved with crucial business processes, or require the usage of specialized tools that are dangerous/hazardous/rare and expensive. In any case, you wouldn’t want anyone who is unauthorized to access these locations. With smart sensors and cameras that are interconnected, you can be alerted of any intrusions or movements that happen in designated ‘critical zones’ to you or a group of controllers. Even the most minor movement will be captured by an IoT enabled enterprise security system, that would have otherwise been missed by the human eye.


Protection Against Fire

Fire Safety is every business owner’s major concern. Fires have consumed innumerable businesses in the past due to mismanagement, and action not being taken on time. With smoke and heat sensors, IoT enterprise security systems can identify and isolate the location of the fire. Also, it can send out a real-time notification about the fire to a controller on their smartphone. Systems can also be programmed to notify emergency services in case of a fire and trigger in-built safeguards like water sprinkler systems to control fires.



It makes sound business sense to safeguard your business interests with an efficient cloud-based enterprise security system. If you are looking for an all-inclusive IoT enterprise security system for your business, then KocharTech offers a full-stack solution specially designed for Enterprises. It offers a cloud-based IoT platform with services like:

  • 24×7 monitoring of organisations, offices, stores, server rooms, and more.
  • Smart sensors that integrate with cameras and provide real-time notifications upon any deviation in a controlled environment
  • Intelligent sensors can identify changes in temperature and prevent abnormalities like server overheating by taking corrective action, and notifying authorities in time.
  • Trained surveillance teams audit all activities that help to control pilferage, reduce burglary cases, and take real-time preventive action with the help of video monitoring.



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