5 Uncommon Uses of Security Cameras

Posted On: May 10, 2018

Most of us think about restricting theft, burglary or loss prevention when we hear about security cameras. However, they go beyond their common uses. Some of their uses can be fun while some of them mean business. Sounds great? Take a look at their uses below that go past our thoughts.

  1. Fun activities: Wireless cameras can be used to record activities like scuba diving. They are deployed just to capture the fun! Cameras can also be installed at locations with extreme environmental conditions. It helps getting a close view of how volcano eruption looks like or how the environment looks around a glacier.
  2. Time-lapse: Get a CCTV camera installed in your garden and treat your eyes with something as natural as the opening of a flower bud. Hoteliers at hill stations can also use time-lapse footage to attract visitors with something like the beauty of changing seasons.
  3. Marketing: Surveillance cameras can be deployed in shopping malls and stores for reviewing consumer footfall, shopping patterns and key sales zones. Camera footage can greatly contribute to have insights on customer service. It can be monitored if customers were dealt effectively and given appropriate service from the moment they entered a store till the time they left it. These insights can help build brand loyalty and improve sales.
  4. Crowd control: Security cameras installed at cricket stadiums and places where live events such as music concerts take place can effectively help with monitoring the crowd. High traffic areas can be monitored and steps can be taken to ensure a smooth passage for the crowd.
  5. Wildlife observation: Fauna lovers can have a view of wildlife through surveillance cameras deployed in zoos. It can also provide an understanding on animal behavior and their life cycle. Humans cannot inspect all the areas in the woods at night. Smart cameras are a potent medium through which nocturnal animals can be monitored.

Thus, the need to use security cameras stem from many commercial, non-commercial and fun activities. Think farther than the usual ways they can be put to use and reap extraordinary results. In case, you already think out of the box, think about KocharTech. Our solutions can help you get the best of surveillance, be it at home, business and anything beyond.

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