Turn Telecom Selfcare App to Customer Engagement Software

Posted On: January 4, 2017

Mobile apps have become an indispensable tool for telecom operators to deliver hassle-free customer experience. Though users spend most of their time on their smartphone with apps, still not all customers use self-care apps. This could be due to a non-efficient customer engagement software, lack of knowledge, or any other reason, which needs to be addressed to improve retention.

Why Customers Don’t Use Apps?

This won’t be much difficult to understand, as it can be related to everyone’s smartphone use habits. Leading app stores host millions of apps today, and smartphone users try the new ones and keep using the ones that they find useful & engaging enough.

Telecom self-service tools are meant to reduce customer effort, failing which users stop using them. Here, effort refers to various aspects, like understanding various features & how to use the app, manage account, ability to raise & solve issues, and more. According to Localytics, 23% don’t use an app for more than one time, while only 34% use an app for more than ten times.

How to Fix Engagement & Retention Issues?

As discussed above, the customer engagement software should be intuitive and must deliver an effortless experience to the users.

Optimized Onboarding: The beginning step of an app use cycle, customer onboarding, should be smooth, engaging, & help customers understand the app. Subscribers should know what problems the self-care app solves and what questions it answers.

Add Customer Service Options to the App: Today, customers want to make the least efforts to get their support issues solved. More users are adopting self-service tools as they offer a hassle-free support without needing them to wait in long queues. Thus, integrating customer service with the mobile self-service app will help operators gain better customer satisfaction.

Improve Retention with In-app Messages: Deploying a self-care app with in-app messaging feature helps improve retention rate, measured at 46% by Localytics. It also states that 17% users use an app only if they see an in-app messaging feature, while 26% abandon it after first use in case it lacks the feature.

Relevant Content: Another important answer for how to ensure customer satisfaction is the availability of relevant content with regular updates. Analytics from onboarding & other customer interactions can be used to evaluate what content customers are looking for. The app should be designed with content that helps solve common end-user queries, and assist them to make the most of their subscribed services.

Thus, telecom companies can easily transform their self-care app into an efficient customer engagement software to boost their brand value & business revenue. However, for this, operators need to onboard customers efficiently and offer them the desired support & knowledge through the app. Click here to know how an efficient self-care app can help you engage more subscribers, and improve business value.

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