Telecoms, Meet These 3 Expectations to Win Customer Loyalty

Posted On: March 21, 2017

One of the primary hurdles of success for telecoms is maintaining a desired customer experience and loyalty. The changing subscriber expectations with the evolving era of technology have further caused a decline in the telecom customer satisfaction. Understanding the reasons and investing in solutions like a knowledge base software, self-care tools, and others can help operators gain customer trust.


Customers Need a Hassle-free Service Experience

Mobile internet has become a prime reason for why people buy new mobile devices today. The emergence of video streaming services, video conferencing apps, and others is slowly transforming mobile data services into video distribution networks. Thus, failing to deliver the desired mobile internet connectivity could cause a huge loss of loyalty.

According to 2016 Global Telecom Survey, 56% of consumers are likely to switch providers if video streaming quality is poor. This poor quality can be due to a fault with the device, the app, or any other reason out of the operator’s control. Here, telecoms can prevent churn by deploying device management solutions. Remote device care tools can help support agents resolve end-user device issues to improve their service experience and hence, loyalty.

2016 Global Telecom Survey



Customers Need Better Call Center Interactions

Telecom companies generally score low on Net Promoter Score (NPS), an industry measure of customer loyalty and brand value. From a user’s perspective, prompt responses, hassle-free resolutions, and a customer-oriented service together form an ideal experience.

Operators can ensure the same by deploying a robust knowledge base software. This will help agents find and deliver accurate, pre-defined resolutions in the least time possible. As per the survey mentioned above, 16% of customers feel that their operator’s service isn’t outstanding. Making the required support knowledge available to agents can go a long way in transforming these customers into brand advocates.


Customers Need Control in their Hands

As the technologies evolve and lifestyle goes busier, customers are less willing to wait in long queues for on-call or in-store support. In the telecom landscape, subscribers prefer service providers with self-care tools available.

Millennial Research on Customer Service Expectations

A Millennial Research on Customer Service Expectations reveals that 60% of millennials will skip the agent support entirely, if given the right self-care tool. Telecoms can make sure better end-user experience by deploying industry-specific operator self service tools. Along with customer experience & satisfaction, this helps service providers save resources on customer support as well.

Thus, understanding what subscribers need is essential for telecom operators to stay ahead of competitors. Combining this with the right device care solutions, knowledge base software, and self care tools can help operators win the customer experience battle.

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