Simplify Telecom Support with Self Service Software for Smartphones

Posted On: November 24, 2016

With the consumers getting connected digitally, customer experience has emerged as the key factor for success in the telecom industry. In order to meet the rising subscriber expectations, operators use self service software for smartphones for their many benefits over a traditional channels.

Rising Customer Expectations
Today’s advanced technologies allow customers to avail a seamless connectivity, raising the level of their expectations from their telecom service providers. To match this increase, operators are working to simplify their products & services, but they need to do more to retain a competitive value for their brand. However, delivering an enhanced smartphone customer service is a key factor as well as a serious challenge for operators.

Why Invest in a Mobile Self Service Solution?
For subscribers, interacting with a support agent can be a hassle, and they feel frustrated when they have to wait for a long time. According to a study cited at TMForum, consumers across different parts of the world prefer using mobile self care apps over other channels to get their issues resolved. As per the study, 42% of consumers in the US, 53-59% in Brazil, up to half in the UK, and most of the consumers in Japan, are willing to use self-service tools. So, investing in a self service software for smartphones is the most convenient way for operators to address rising subscriber challenges.

Benefits of Mobile Self Care Apps:
A mobile self service solution offers a number of benefits to both customers as well as operators.

Speeds up Resolution Rates: When interacting with a customer service agent, reaching a resolution takes a minimum definite time, which customers aren’t willing to wait for, today. They prefer using a self care app on their mobile device to avail faster answers to their problems. Thus, an app can help meet end-user expectations and ensure a positive customer experience as well, for better business results.

Better Revenue: With an app on consumer devices, operators can offer upgrade plans or value added services by understanding customer behavior. This can help activate potential users, and help service providers gain more revenue from their existing subscribers. Along with this, the ability to manage transactions like paying bills or recharges directly from the app adds more to the business revenue.

Gain Customer Feedback: Use of self care apps helps operators gather real-time feedback from customers. Subscribers can raise their issues and requests, and operators can create a better, understanding relationship with their customers.

Cost Reduction: A major part of the support calls received at a customer care center is linked to non-profitable queries, like balance inquiries and data issues. Though, a major part of these simple issues can be resolved without an agent’s intervention, operators can significantly reduce the support cost with a self service software for smartphones.

Thus, a self care app comes out as a complete solution to telecom challenges due to rising consumer expectations. It brings opportunities for operators, in terms of revenue & customer loyalty, and helps deliver a quality service when implemented properly.

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