People Counting – Retailers Route Towards Digital Transformation

Posted On: November 30, 2018

According to Mark Ryski, author of Conversion: The Last Great Retail Metric, “All retailers need to measure traffic and customer conversion in their stores. If you don’t, you’re flying blind.”

Augmenting growth of online businesses, their ability to get insights about website traffic, success of promotional activities etc was always a thing to worry for offline retailers. But people counting technology has made way for brick and mortar businesses and gifted them with all those benefits an e-commerce website has.

Footfall data analytics helps retailers in streamlining their retail strategy to maximize sales.

Following are the 6 ways that define how people counting has revolutionized retail industry through digital transformation

Performance benchmarking of stores through digital transformation

Retail traffic counter sheds light on peak hours of a store, and with this data in hand, retailers can compare footfall as well as sales data to measure the performance of their brand. Thus, this information helps businesses to map gaps in operational efficiency, employee productivity and increase sales.

Roster management

People counting solution helps in discovering peak hours by analysing retail store traffic. On the basis of this data, retailers prepare rosters on a weekly/monthly basis to schedule shifts of their staff according to store traffic rather than employee availability. It prevents situations of missed service and enhances customer satisfaction.

Godiva, a Belgian manufacturer of chocolates used people counting solution to gain insights about their store traffic. Godiva used footfall analytics data to place their best staff during peak hours. The chocolatier uses these insights to plan when to run promotions, what sales are predicted, etc. After deploying people counting solution, Godiva’s conversion rates went from 24% to 26.5% in just 6 weeks.

Potential areas for better conversion

With the help of people counter systems, retailers get insights about most popular sections of their store i.e. the shelves people spend most of their time shopping. This way, retailers can strategically place advertisements and deliver targeted discounts and promotions to maximize sales.

Queue management

“Although your customers won’t like you if you deliver poor service, your competitors will.”

As per reports,

Keeping your customers waiting in huge checkout lines delivers a negative impact on your brand and sales. However, foot traffic analytics provides relevant data about retail store traffic, which enables retailers in staff optimization. This data aids them in allocating staff accordingly to efficiently manage queues so that customers don’t have to wait for long in checkout lines. Retail traffic counter ensures that customers don’t leave your store dissatisfied.

Loss prevention

Shoplifting and other types of retail crimes leave a negative impact on bottom line of a business. However, people counting solution helps in discovering peak hours of store, and this data enables retailers to increase staffing levels during vulnerable times so as to minimize risk of theft.
Moreover, IoT technology integrated with cloud video surveillance systems helps businesses to track every activity in their store during peak hours.

Success of promotional activities

Foot traffic analytics gives insights to retailers about those discounts and promotional activities which bring out most traffic. They can track success of their promotional campaigns by analysing footfall and sales data during a particular period. With this, businesses can focus more upon those campaigns that are successful and terminate the ones that bring no profit. Consequently, with the help of retail traffic counter, brands can boost their ROI.

To sum up, people counters help to unravel hidden potential of a brand through digital transformation so that they are able to meet the needs of their customers. Insights provided by foot traffic analytics are significant for businesses who want to be successful and gain competitive advantage.

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