Mobile Simulators

Posted On: March 20, 2012

Fast and prevalent augmentation of wireless technology has formed one of the largest technology markets. With the technology updates like 3G and LTE (Long Term Evolution), wireless devices are gaining their importance. Customers are investing their money buying SmartPhones, tabs, I Phones etc. only and only for data usage. Some of them even have two different devices, one for calling and other for using data service. This shows how much customers are crazy about using the data services. For using uninterrupted internet services mobile phone should be have those features, i.e. full multimedia handset.

Now when a customer buys a device, he expects the usability training from the sales person. The lack of training acts as a main hindrance which holds back the customer in exploring the device. As end-users struggle to configure their SmartPhones, applications and services are underutilized. The opportunity to encourage the use of data services is lost as frustrated customers either swap their devices or, worse, cancel their service. Hence the prospect of earning revenue is reduced.

In order to solve customer’s handset related issues we have designed a very innovative tool: Mobile Simulator. Mobile Simulator is a step wise navigation podium, which helps the contact center agent in configuring the customer’s mobile phones with internet settings and applications.

Our mobile device simulators are not only a configuration tool it also provides deep knowledge on handset brands, its features and device specifications like:

OS and its version
Device Type
Modem Compatibility
Video calling and many more…….

Linguistic option gives our Mobile Simulators an added advantage which captures the regional market. KocharTech Simulator has the largest repositories of globally used handsets which makes it a largest knowledge base.

Types of settings offered by our product:
Configuration settings
Browser settings
Connectivity settings
Messaging settings
Application settings

The above mentioned features make our Mobile Simulators profitable for Telco’s and one stop shop for help-desk agents in providing the optimum solution to the customer, resulting in increasing revenue.

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