Maximize the User Experience through Mobile Application Testing

Posted On: March 20, 2012

Telecommunication industry has witnessed considerable growth over the past years.  New devices, new applications, data services, screen sizes are launched every day and have become an integral, irreplaceable part of many people’s lives. It is practically impossible for Wireless Data industry to maintain the quality of the services offered to the customers. There is lot of challenges faced like with how many handsets application is compatible? With how many models the application is compatible when downloaded? With how many service providers’ application is being supported?

All these questions need to be answered through the Mobile Application Testing Solutions. Mobile Applications Testing is a comprehensive framework in which the testing of entire application is done. It is inspected that application must successfully execute on all brands before it is available for general customer availability. This testing helps to create enhanced user experience which helps the in ultimate success of applications.

TestMax offers Application/Content Testing services which are done on largest pool of handsets including Smartphone’s, Hybrid Devices to ensure that it delivers desired content to the end user. It helps to reduce the risk, increase the revenues and build trust among the customers. It tests the actual behavior of the application.

TestMax offers the following services to its clients:

Test compatibility of application and content over network
Security testing of the application
User experience of the application

Benefits of Mobile Application Testing are as follows:

  • Illustrates the application and content behavior on real Networks and Devices
  • Gives the end user perspective
  • Covers a wide range of handsets which are not covered under in automated testing.
  • No time to build test cases and automating them for execution
  • Number of parameters for testing done is scalable
  • Saves additional software cost
  • Quick turnaround time

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