Leveraging Mobile Self-Care Apps to Increase Customer Loyalty

Posted On: December 18, 2013

Today in this fast moving world, people look for mobility solutions that could help simplifying their lives. And, when it comes to support services, nothing could be better than a mobile self-care app that the users can access on the go. The mobile self-care apps help not only in increasing customer loyalty but these apps can be used as a great marketing tool as well. The study has also revealed that consumers who remain in touch with their favourite brands through their phones are more expected to do business with that company over and over again. So, here are some ways by which businesses can leverage self-care apps to retain the customers and increase their loyalty towards the company:

Building user-friendly application interface: The first thing worth noting is that the interface of the mobile-app should be user friendly. The entire navigation should be easy, convenient and time saving. The processes should not be that complex that the user gets lost in that and find nothing helpful. The interface should be as simple as possible to increase its adaptability for every user. The customers should be comfortable with the technology and the capabilities of solution.

Mobile Payments: Now, the time has gone when the customers are to wait in long queues to make their payments.  More and more businesses are now leveraging the technology of mobile payments to provide their customers a more convenient way to pay at point of purchase. However, it is important that the payment method should be easy to use. It should not consume much effort and time of the customer. Plus, the payment application should be safe and secure so customers can load the mobile app without worrying that their credit card is being infiltrated. The customers should be able to check the status of their transactions and balance without any trouble.

Use of social media: Many people now use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to grow their network and remain connected with all the contacts. So, businesses should focus on these platforms too if they want to grow their customer base. The mobile self-care app should be accessible through social networks if the companies want to increase their brand identity. Any news that is shared through social media spreads like grapevine reaching number of people across the world. So, it is the best way to increase the network of the business worldwide.

Geo-targeted notifications: Through geo-targeted notifications, businesses can inform their customers about the latest deals available in the nearby stores. They can also inform the customers about any marketing event ongoing in their city or about the special promotional offers or discounts available. These mobile self-care apps prove out to be very useful for businesses that have multiple branches in different locations. Through these apps, companies can also view the browsing history and shopping history of the customer and thus they can customize their future offers and deals accordingly.

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