Key Focus Areas of an Efficient Knowledge Management System

Posted On: December 8, 2016

The telecom industry has observed a rapid growth in the development & innovation of end-user products, causing new various support challenges for operators. Here, support agents need instant access to an efficient knowledge management system, for which, operators should focus on building the right KM strategy.

The effectiveness of a KM strategy needs service providers to focus on the key potential areas as discussed below:

  • Operational Excellence: A knowledge management tool deployed by a service provider should help improve the operational performance of an organization. This covers the ability of employees to share knowledge and updates with others, ensuring a seamless workflow with improvement in operational practices.
  • Focus towards Customer Knowledge: This section aims to improve the ability to deliver knowledge to customers across different interfaces (or touch points). This also includes front-end employees who deal directly with the customers, enabling higher service quality and sales volume.
    For instance, the knowledge management system examples for an operator should contain information about telecom services, products, and end-user devices.
  • Innovation: A robust knowledge management system should also focus on the innovations in the industry, ensuring that agents/customers never miss any update to the products or services.
    With new consumer mobile devices being launched almost daily, telecom subscribers as well as support agents have to face new issues with time. Here, a focus towards innovation ensures that solutions for upcoming problems are readily available.
  • Growth & Change Focus: As a business grows, it adds new customers as well as service representatives to handle the bigger user base. Moreover, existing support staff is also prone to leave the job or change roles within the organization.
    Here, a focus towards the impact of these changes helps develop an efficient knowledge management strategy to help minimize any business loss.

Focus on Your Business Needs

With a different focus area for every company, evaluating the right elements for your business is essential. The best knowledge management systems are primarily targeted to address the most critical of the above-discussed focus points of an organization.

For operators, focus on innovation, change, and customer knowledge is important, to address rising end-user expectations with evolving device database. Thus, it is essential to find the important drivers for your business and deploy an effective KM solution.

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