Improve Customer Service With Telecom Self Care Solutions

Posted On: November 1, 2016

Service quality has been a significant concern for companies dealing directly with consumer products or services. However, advancement of technology and connectivity techniques has contributed to a rise of customer expectation level. For instance, subscribers of a wireless data service want to manage their accounts and services on their own, raising the need for telecom self care options.

Customer experience has turned out to be a critical factor in the competitive, connected marketplace of today. As per Forrester, 89% subscribers will likely switch their operators if they have to deal with a poor customer experience. Thus, showing the customers that they are being valued through quality support services helps improve their loyalty & satisfaction.

Another Forrester study states a rise of 9% in the use of web self-service from 2012 to 2014. With customer preference changing to self-service , the use of self care apps and other tools is on the rise in the telecom industry. It is an effective way to serve the customers by providing accurate information & real-time resolutions.

Not only for the customers, self-service telco brings many benefits to companies as well which are outlined in the coming sections of the article.

    • Reduced Support Call Volume & Cost : With telecom self care solutions, service providers can deflect general queries to non-voice channels. As per a report, 80% of all the calls received by customer support representatives are general queries. A subscriber can solve these common issues with a mobile self care app, FAQs, or any other self-service option. This keeps the support team free to focus on complex issues faced by end users.

Moreover, self-service solutions enable a company to reduce their support and operational costs.This benefit comes out as a direct result of the above one, reduction in the number of support calls.

  • Customer Satisfaction : If applied properly, operator self service solutions can result in a great customer satisfaction, as the customer feels empowered and valued. This leads to higher customer loyalty as well.
  • Revenue Enhancement : Satisfied customers are more likely to promote a brand and its services through word of mouth marketing. Since delivering quality self-service improves satisfaction level, service providers are more likely to attract more customers & higher revenue as well.

Thus, telecom self care solutions create a win-win situation for both customers and service providers, if implemented properly. Hence Operators can’t afford to ignore the benefits that can be harnessed from Selfcare platforms, in a day to day operations.

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