Guide to Simplify Customer Onboarding & Support for Telecoms

Posted On: December 7, 2016

Smartphones have evolved and people are using them in almost every activity. This increased smartphone use brings various device use-related challenges for customers, raising their expectations for a quality support service from their operators.

The 2015 American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey recorded a drop of 2.8% in the satisfaction rate of telecom customers.

Wireless service providers have the obvious question on how to deliver a better service experience, including customer onboarding and other aspects. While customer experience depends largely on after-sales service, the first tip for service providers is to upgrade their support solutions like operator self service to improve on service metrics.

A study by JD Power and Associates in 2014 found that satisfaction rates drop for wireless service providers when they fail to resolve customer issues on the first contact. Moreover, the likelihood of a subscriber to switch operator increases significantly with the time taken by support agent to answer a query.

Use Analytics to Improve Service

Successful telecom operators are using predictive analysis to re-create their business models according to their subscribers’ activities & behavior. This helps deliver the desired level of services, right from onboarding customers to long-term engagement.
Operators can gather the desired customer data by deploying self service tools and apps that help improve customer experience along with measuring anonymous behavior.

Turn Customers to Evangelists

Customer satisfaction is something that every telecom operator strives for, but turning them into evangelists is the ultimate goal. In simple words, they need to strive for word-of-the-mouth marketing, for which customers should be highly satisfied.

Here again, analytics can be used to predict which subscribers are likely to churn and develop strategies and policies to retain them. This data can be used to address consumer challenges, right from customer onboarding to their entire journey with the operator.

Ensure Optimal Support Service for Subscribers

With increased use of smartphones among people today, they turn to their operators to get issues resolved. Telecom companies need to upgrade their support services with the right tools and solutions. For instance, knowledge management solutions can help agents simplify customer onboarding process for subscribers, as well as improve customer service.

Customers and service representatives should be equipped with self-care, knowledge management, device management, and other tools. Thus, integrating predictive analysis with the right support solutions can help improve customer onboarding, retention rates, and minimize churn.

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