Discover how IoT Unlocks Great Customer Experience

Posted On: March 28, 2018

To stand out from competition, microfinance institutions always look for ways to make their customer experience better. A great customer experience is determined by a lot of factors – from a quick procedural journey & employees’ conduct with customers to queue management, office hygiene, timely opening & closure of office, and so on.

As these institutes have to accommodate financial documents, gold, and monetary assets; they need strong measures in place for safety, security, and overall efficiency to earn customer trust. Simultaneously, with their rising operational costs, it is essential for them to keep all those factors in check where cost can be optimized and drifted towards customer experience.


Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is an essential element to gain insights about gaps in customers’ purchase journey and improve customer experience. Where customers interact with business, if their journey is in logical order, how well they engage with  brand, etc. are some of the questions customer journey mapping answers. This straightly impacts customers’ buying decision. Video analytics help bringing this perspective forward helping brands optimize their customer experience.


The Value of Discipline & Compliance Adherence

Where customer dealing is done, following a code of conduct, operational procedure, and a dress code is of prime importance to bring uniformity in customer experience. Simultaneously, being vigilant about employee efficiency is a vital step towards enhancing business efficiency. 24/7 live monitoring across sites can help gain complete visibility of employee activity and monitor deviations in policy adherence.


Safety Matters!

Microfinance companies house valuables that need to be protected from physical & environmental damage, fire as well as theft & intrusion. Sensitive areas like lockers and cash counters thus need a protective layer of IoT driven sensors, day and night for real time action against any unwanted activity.


Energy Management is Vital for Cost Optimization

For its smooth & successful sustenance, it is important for a microfinance company to trim those factors that build up cost. One of the most important factors in this is keeping excessive energy consumption in check. IoT-based sensors can help monitoring and measuring energy consumption and make corrective decisions around energy management.


How exactly IoT plays a role in enhancing customer experience?

With IoT coming into the picture, businesses are empowered to utilize the important data captured by sensors for intelligent decision making. KocharTech offers a single unified IoT platform and a large sensor portfolio coupled with centralized monitoring of distributed sites to help businesses strengthen their security, improve customer experience, and enhance business efficiency.

Our comprehensive IoT platform captures valuable data from sensors and video gateway over a VPN network to store it on a scalable cloud infrastructure. Our complete end to end layer of IoT framework turns the captured data into actionable analytics to generate smarter business outcomes. Get in touch with us for a free need analysis today.

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