Deploying Telecom Call Center Knowledge Management Effectively

Posted On: January 16, 2017

The telecom industry is getting more competitive with price & product differentiation losing hype to the customer experience. Advanced telecom call center knowledge management solutions available today help automate the customer service process, leading to better results. With a tried & tested tool, service providers can turn each of their support agents into service experts.

Some vital points that you should consider for an efficient deployment of knowledge management tools at your contact center are:

  • Integrated, Cloud-based Solution: Cloud-based knowledge management solutions help organisations with features like better deployment times, reliable performance, and advanced security. Additionally, if the KM tool is integrated with your existing systems like CRM, agents can quickly access the required knowledge without switching interfaces. This helps them enhance their productivity and improve service metrics like first contact resolution rates and others.
  • 2-way Knowledge Sharing: For a successful implementation of a call center knowledge management solution, telecoms should ensure a comfortable 2-way transfer of knowledge. One is from the organisation to its customers and the other among front-line support agents and the other support staff.
    There are options like FAQs that ensure the flow of information to all the points, but those are effective only for simple use-cases. To handle complex queries, telecoms need a robust system that enables mutual coordination and flow of knowledge and meets end-user expectations.
  • Give Priority to Effective Onboarding: Onboarding should be smooth and sensitive, for both customers and support agents. Customer onboarding process refers to introducing new users to the services subscribed by them. On the other hand, new support agents should be added to the support tools & environment, trained, and monitored for performance improvement.
    A dedicated learning portal, containing interactive quizzes, PPTs, and other tools can help you onboard your employees with ease. As a result of effective onboarding, support agents can deliver efficient support services to your customers.
  • Choose a Reliable Technology Partner: Find a technology solutions provider that has a host of scalable, robust support solutions for telecoms. Not only the solutions, but the vendor should also have gained reputation and expertise in the same field. Partnering with such a solution provider helps you get an adequate knowledge base software for your organisation, and deliver better services.

Thus, telecoms can gain brand value with an efficient cloud-based call center knowledge management tool along with practical use practices. This results in controlling costs, improving resolution accuracy, agent productivity, and helps meet end-user expectations.
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