Assistant Manager – Operations

India · Amritsar
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Job Role: 

Responsible for managing a team of customer service representatives, developing objectives for day-to-day activities, monitoring team performance, providing feedback, and handling customer complaints.

Job Description: 

  • A managed large team within the call center environment, including directly reporting to Team Leaders.
  • Develop objectives for the call center’s day-to-day activities
  • Conduct effective resource planning to maximize the productivity of resources (people, technology, etc.)
  • Collect and analyze call-center statistics (sales rates, costs, customer service metrics, etc.)
  • Assume responsibility for budgeting and tracking expenses
  • Hire, coach, and provide training to personnel to maintain high customer service standards
  • Monitor and improve efficiencies, telephone handling, and other procedures
  • Evaluate performance with key metrics
  • Prepare reports for different departments or upper management
  • Prepare and be part of monthly and quarterly business reviews

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