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Wondering Why should you move to Amritsar?

To spend less, and live more

Cost of living, commuting and even entertainment take a back seat when you move a little further up north. Compared to the likes of NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore, Amritsar will ask a little less of your wallet

To have more time for yourself and your family

When you take less than 30 minutes to commute back-and-forth from the office, there are more than 2 hours added to your regular day. Go home to have a quick lunch or spend the evening with your family even on workdays, KocharTech has got your back.

To travel to your heart’s content

Entertainment on the weekends, you ask?

Apart from the thriving metro city-like nightlife that’s gaining popularity in Punjab, there are a lot more places to visit than just bars and eateries.

  • Lush fields at 20 minutes drive, to get away from the city for better air and, of course, for your DDLJ and Rang De Basanti photo ops.
  • Travel to nearby cities, hilltops or riverbanks for an overnight trip, even on a small budget.

To have the best of both worlds

Live the urban-desi life in Amritsar, with the feel (and prices) of a small town and the benefits of a metropolitan city.

International Schools & Pre-Schools

Rail & Road Connectivity to all major cities

International Airport

Popular restaurant franchisees

Shopping malls and Cinema chains

To eat.... A lot

Kulchas being synonymous with the city, you get nothing but the best versions of the dish here. Ask anybody at KT how they like theirs, the answer would most likely be: “With an extra dollop of makkhan (butter), please.”

There are authentic dhabhas serving lip-smacking food within a 3 km radius from the office. Just saying.

To discover the punjabi in you

Seva at the Golden Temple is nothing like anything else you might’ve witnessed before. Also known as Harmandir Sahib, the place instills a sense of serene security as volunteers lay out Guru Ka Langar and Kada Prasad, from the kitchen that feeds over 50,000 mouths a day. While customers are moving from legacy voice support to newer digital channels of engagement, industries are transforming at hyper speed. With Technology designed to learn from Human Intelligence

While there are the usual PVRs and shopping malls, one visit to the local markets, looking at Kara’s, Punjabi Juttis, handmade Phulkari attire and handicrafts in such variety that you’d want to ditch the old mall.

Fulfill your lifelong dream of singing along to (and actually understanding) Punjabi music. In all probability, you’ll have all the help you need, since your neighbors and colleagues would be pros at it.

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