Waiting Lines are Passe. It’s the Era of Self Service!

Posted On: May 29, 2018

How long would you keep your customers stuck in waiting lines? The customers who do not receive responses fast enough are more likely to switch to competitors. Customers value their time and want businesses to understand the same. It is mission critical for businesses to upgrade to self service solutions to deliver timely responses, reduce call volume, and improve customer experience.



The Customers’ Journey for Help
As customers today are more comfortable with online channels, messaging, and chat interactions, they prefer finding answers on websites and self-care apps. For queries that are relatively generic, they look up to search engines as well. Picking up their phone and connecting with a call center agent comes after they have tried self-help. Businesses need to understand that if consumers still end up dialing a toll free number, self-service tools have not been able to answer their questions.

Investing in Self-service Pays Off
Self service solutions such as FAQs and step-by-step tutorials go a long way to assist customers when they land up on a website. A decision tree based troubleshooting guide eases out the way to solve complex issues within a few minutes. While web self-care helps giving a quick response, it also helps reducing much of the call volume in the call center. In addition, mobile self-care apps backed by an efficient knowledge management system become a reliable source of help for customers.

Chat Automation is Rewarding
Chat is the preferred point of contact for most of the customers due to its quick response time and their comfort with chatting. It is a touch point that deviates a bulk of call volume. However, manning it to handle dozens of chat interactions is a bit costly. Businesses must look to automate chat by deploying chatbots. Chatbot solutions built by combining technology and an efficient knowledge base helps delivering quick and contextual responses to the customers. This puts a business in a win-win situation as it is cost saving and adds to improved customer experience.

Self service solutions hold the present and future of customer experience. Businesses, therefore must buck up to get into the modern era of customer service. For more details, visit KocharTech at Hall 5, Stand J21, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 2018 or contact us for self-service solutions and our solution offerings in knowledge management, device management, and chatbots.


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