Three Ways Telecoms can Heighten CX Reputation

Posted On: April 3, 2017

For a telecom operator, differentiated customer experience is the nub of its sustainable growth. Research data from Database Marketing Institute reveals that telecoms deal with customer churn between 10% and 67% annually, and approximately 75% of consumers switch their service providers owing to dissatisfying service experience.

However, what comes across as a challenge amid ever-demanding customers and  technological disruption is more of an opportunity. The key is to deliver telecom customer service that turns dissatisfaction into delight.

Following three ways are pivotal to raise the customer experience graph:

  1. Rich Knowledge-base: Knowledge flows consistently throughout the customer experience journey. Not having a rich knowledge-base is perilous for operators in a competition-led market. Meager knowledge sources leave support agents groping for solutions leading to disgruntled customers. Factually, customer service bears the brunt of poorly arranged knowledge sources across all the customer touch points.
    On the flip side, unified knowledge spread consistently across all support channels ensures customers getting aptly served, a big positive to build reputation and retain loyalty. This makes leveraging a knowledge management platform, a mission-critical activity for the telcos.
  2. Self-care Solutions: Customer gratification stems from self-service. Today’s customers prefer access to the right solutions with a few taps and clicks using a smart phone over waiting in IVR queues and cumbersome repeat of issues to agents. With this comes the onus of 24/7 support that is best addressed through self-care solutions. An interactive and user friendly app or an easy-to-navigate website carrying relevant solutions are promising tools for great customer experience.

    In 2015 Forrester Research Inc. stated that “Web self-service interactions overtook all other channels and that future of customer service is self-service.

  3. The Virtual-assistant Wave: Modernized and digitally savvy customer base represents a huge tech opportunity for operators to automate their customer service. Where it takes oodles of cost and expense of time to support customers through human agents, virtual assistants replace it with cost-effective and time-saving solutions. Their round-the-clock availability, AI backed working, logical conversations aided with NLP (Natural Language Processing), multilingual support, accurate presentation of information, etc., is a welcome shift to a new support medium for customers. In addition, it reduces workload for support agents and brings efficacy at work.

    According to Gartner Predicts 2017: CRM Customer Service and Support, industry has taken a swift turn towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver better support interactions.

Thus, calculated moves towards the most requisite areas can help operators build a better CX reputation. KocharTech’s solution offerings in knowledge management, self-care, and virtual assistants can play a vital role for operators to bring in improved measures for customer service.

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