The Sensors That Stop At Nothing

Posted On: July 27, 2019

In Business, we all want data for validation and as proof. Did you know just sensors could get you to it, by covering a large arena of applications and industries? Sensors are fixed to physical objects that are linked to a network to provide you with massive information with particulars – that’s IoT for you.

IoT, Internet of Things, has triumphed from one to all sectors, be it Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, BFSI, Manufacturing Industries, and others. Through networks and cloud-based software, IoT provides a platform where your devices communicate with each other, evaluate and even share data about the everyday world.

Just like in any other area of the industry, IoT in retail provides solutions across a number of applications that are improving offline store operations. Let us cover a few of the many applications of IoT in the retail industry.

Top-notch customer experience

When we talk about a retail store, every customer has expectations. To name a few – good service, instant and precise information, availability of products, and so on. Now, to provide the customer with all of this would take a lot of labor. This is where IoT jumps in and handles everything through sensors, data collection, and analysis. IoT allows customers to call for help when in a store by simply pressing a button in an app, rather than finding a customer service booth somewhere in the store. Retailers can have a real-time interaction with consumers both inside and outside the store.

Keeping a check

Now manage your store from anywhere and everywhere. Know all about your store, your employees and customers too. The sensors will help you keep a track of every movement, from checking if the store is opening and closing at the time it should,  to know if there is an inventory of products is available. Temperature, light, humidity and the customer traffic in your store can be managed from a single device, thus enhancing a customer’s experience.

Make shelves smarter

These systems contain three elements: an RFID tag, an RFID reader, and an antenna and these consecutively transfer data and finally to the IoT platform where the detailed data is stored and analyzed. This can provide retailers with information about customer needs and preferences, showing them ways to improve their services, increase customer interactions, and boost sales.

Beacons to boost sales

Here, Bluetooth connections are used to send notifications directly to shoppers’ smartphones once they appear in the coverage area. The notifications could be about making them aware of the store location, discounts, the products they could purchase, etc., which might encourage them to visit your store and make a purchase. As beacons are small, they can be easily attached to walls, counters, and other places. Beacon technology can close the gap between the retailer and their audience, and hence improve their customer experience which in turn will increase their sales. A definite Win-Win!

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