Social Responsibility at Kochar – Giving Back to the Society

Posted On: February 19, 2021

As we celebrate the annual day of Abhay Kochar Foundation on 24th January every year, Kochar group continues to evolve and take on new challenges in its ongoing mission to improve the lives of underprivileged children with physical disabilities.

An act of kindness can truly go a long way. We believe – it’s a worthwhile effort to extend generous good fortune to the unprivileged; making us feel euphoric, grateful & provides acute happiness for our contribution to a worthy cause.

Abhay Kochar Foundation is dedicated to providing education, employment, entrepreneurship and various other changes to the opportunity deprived children of society; be it regarding education, essential utilities, electronics, nutrition, financial support, we are doing every bit possible for them.


Why Children?

Underprivileged children make for one of the most vulnerable sections of our society that seeks urgent assistance. From monetary support for their medical aid, quality education, safe shelter, personality-enhancing to extra-curricular activities, everything helps a great deal in evolving their restricted growth.

Children require tender love, attention and care along with useful resources for a wholesome upbringing and every individual at Kochar is striving to fulfil that for their brighter future.


A day with them – 24.01.2021

We, at Kochar, organized our annual event across various locations namely Amritsar, Gurugram, Kolkata, Vadodara and Ludhiana. The purpose of this event is to connect with the destitute children of our society, support and empower them.

With that in mind, this year we lined up multiple activities during the day for the residing kids; which included volleyball, cricket, drawing competition, carrom and many more.

Our day started with a magic show which brought joy to the faces of children that pleased us even more. Post that, kids participated in the activities of their choice.

As a part of this initiative, our employees interacted with some of the little ones and got to know about them. In this process, we got to know about what these children wish for. Although these wishes might be anything and we always try to fulfil them; not to mention every employee is willing to go an extra mile for the precious part of our society.


Day at a glance!

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Working together & touching lives through technology

Technology has broken the barriers of discrimination in every form. We are making sure it reaches the needful. Our goal is to bring purpose to their life and help them experience the beautiful world. Abhay Kochar Foundation tries its best to provide a meaningful life to those who do not have access to it. Our motive is to identify their potential and help them with all the possible infrastructure. We have established 8 study centers and provide faculty in each.

Over 300 kids have been impacted and brought them back to the mainstream and more than 100 kids have been moved to regular schools. We believe in creating a self-sufficient ecosystem of skilled individuals who will grow to empower the lives of those like them.


Much work still needs to be done

This episode by Kochar is just a glimpse of what our society is in need of. These children are the future of the world. Many things in our lives are not an outcome of a choice, and for that, nobody deserves to be left behind.

Everybody is worthy of a better life and a healthy future; for that, we should be able to step up and take a stand for those who can’t. Let all of us come together and take a pledge in not letting these children down and let them know they are not alone.

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