Self-care Solutions – Meeting Consumers’ Liquid Expectations

Posted On: April 25, 2017

Meeting today’s consumer expectations have more competition than what’s anticipated. Customers compare their service experience with all the companies they interact with, even when they are from other industries. This is the concept of liquid expectations. Happy customer experience directly relates to the ease of finding a solution. Most web self-service experiences comprise a keyword-based search tab and an FAQ page. However, if a company has an advanced self-care solution on-board that includes a virtual assistant and it is found missing on your website, you lag behind on customer experience.

According to a Forrester research, majority of consumers prefer to use a company’s website to get solutions rather than calling or sending an e-mail. Also, an FAQ page or a keyword-based search approach does not suffice. Thus, it requires a telco to bring in sophisticated self-service tools.

Deploy a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have human-like responsiveness. They use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to comprehend the context and characteristics of a customer’s question. Backed by AI (Artificial Intelligence), they have the ability to differentiate between multiple queries that have different meanings and to escalate the customer to a human agent when the situation calls for it. Besides deploying a virtual assistant, it is also crucial to decide its presence on the website. To begin with, it should be present on the homepage itself so that a user can start a chat conversation with it right away. Three key ways how a virtual assistant improvises telecom self-care are:

  • Its 24/7 availability
  • It provides accurate resolutions
  • It is consumers’ preferred support touch point
Get the right knowledge base software for the virtual assistant

For its effective utilization, a virtual assistant has to be integrated with a right knowledge base software. Knowledge base is the source of its answers. It should accommodate all possible queries and use NLP to provide contextual responses. It is imperative to ensure that the knowledge base stays up-to-date and pulls relevant information that already exists. This will avoid the need to update similar information again.

Thus, integration of self-care solutions with the right knowledge base can significantly contribute towards meeting consumers’ liquid expectations. KocharTech’s solution offerings in self-care, virtual assistants, and knowledge management can help telecoms stand out in the market. Get in touch with us to know more.

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